(WoW) Huntard no more!

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this site. Well actually I can, because it’s me and because I can be pretty oblivious sometimes — and, as I shamefacedly admit, because my theorycrafting usually comes down to “Ooo shiny!”

However, since Eloise is now 85 and *gasp* doing Tol Barad PvP battles on a pretty regular basis (ahem, 5 in the last 24 hours), I’m going to have to pay at least a little bit of attention to what she’s wearing, how she’s specced, and what she does with her abilities. Yeesh, this is WAY too much like hard work.

Next thing you know I’ll be doing heroics and raiding.


Anyway – if you’re a huntard in WoW, this — Warcraft Hunters’ Union — is a lovely site. I’m sure there are tons of lovely hunter sites out there, but this happens to belong to a guild that also happens to be on my server, Icecrown, so they’re extra-special lovely.

That’s all for today, I have about a million words of reading to do and a million people saying “L2P nub!” to avoid.

8 thoughts on “(WoW) Huntard no more!

  1. Just be careful with those hunter sites that want to tell you what a clever special person you are for picking their class, and how nasty and horrid anyone is who dares say that any of the specs might be overpowered 🙂

    Of all the class sites, they are the most cloyingly blinkered IMO.

    1. I don’t know , I don’t usually frequent class sites. From what I *have* seen, though, they’re all like that to some extent.

      “Oh, you’re much more special than anyone else for being [insertclass].”

      I’m used to filtering that out.

  2. Warcraft Hunter’s Union is a good one. There is also Huntsman’s Lodge by Garwulf which is aimed more at PVP. I picked up some nifty tricks and macros from there.

    Frostheim (at WHU) also writes for WoW.com and is generally level headed, often noting when things are too powerful and should be changed while others might need tweaking. He’ll go on about how dwarves and hunters are awesome, but it’s just for the sake of fun (though dwarves and hunters ARE awesome).

  3. Frostheim is a good guy. Mind you, as a confirmed terrible hunter by choice (you mean we do something besides tame pets?) I don’t often follow his advice, but at least I know where to go when I need it.

    1. I’m really a slacker-Hunter myself, but it was interesting to edumacate myself a little. I don’t necessarily aim to be the shiz, but a little improvement wouldn’t hurt. 😀

      Gotta go, I’ve been looking for #()*&@ Madexx for like 10 days!

      1. I like to call us ‘lackadaisical’. *grin*

        Good luck with Maddex! Which color are you aiming for? You should drop by our forums and post a screenshot when you get him!

        (Yes, I am pimping myself out. Sorry about that.)

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