Ur doin' it right!

Okay so that came out of nowhere, and explains yesterday’s site traffic – Ur doin’ it wrong and I’m doin’ it right (unless you’re one of the others named in which case oki, ur doin’ it right too). What’s kindly not mentioned is how I, ya know, just casually disappeared and stopped posting in September. Some of you may remember the rich irony of me promising to post every day that month and then immediately breaking said promise. It was, as Mr Burns says, one of my trademark changes of heart. Actually it was work, but I won’t pass up a chance to quote the Simpsons.

So anyway, yay to Massively who are clearly possessed of an immense sense of style and indubitable good taste. Just as well they don’t require regular posting. There are about a million and three other blogs I love that should have been on that list long before me, certainly by the standards of internet popularity and by the much more sensible standards of, you know, quality. Spinks*. KIASA. Psychochild. Tesh. PVD. Righteous Orbs. Ah hell, just click randomly on my blogroll. Okay, now click again — I promise I’ll update all the dead sites Real Soon Now (TM).

I’m still not sure whether to be amazingly flattered (which I am) or squirmingly embarrassed for being picked out of the anonymous crowd (which I also am). I love that people read this blog and I’ve made a lot of friends through it, but… yeah. Trend-setter or voice-of-the-people I am not. I’m happiest being silly when I can pretend nobody notices me. So why the MMORPG column, you astutely say! Well for one, they’re paying me, so nerh. For another… I dunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Moving on.


In other news, which pretty much inescapably has to be called “With a Little Help from my Friends”. Oh wait, no, let’s start first with “Say hello to my little friends”.

I’m a bleeding heart, and I like bleeding heart quests, even when it’s oil and not hearts. And when it’s baby Murlocs, it’s just irresistible. They haven’t yet developed their parents’ bloodthirsty, back-of-the-throat I’m-going-to-eat-your-liver rarrrrgl, no — they’re still cute.

Do want!

Is it just me, or has my reindeer been overdoing the mince pies and egg-nog? Not that I’m in any position to throw stones after the recent feasting. Anyone want leftover reindeer ham?

More importantly, however, and despite my oh-so-strenuous protestations to the contrary, I let a dear friend bankroll my artisan flying skill yesterday. I didn’t even complain (much?) or hint or anything! I was the very image of pious moral slowspeed rectitude. Least I’m pretty sure I was. I may have had a drink or three. It was also easier to give in once I’d more or less passed the halfway mark for gold on my own — I didn’t feel like quite so desperate a charity case at that point.

I should add that while I may be a bitching and moaning ingrate of a charity case, because it’s a LOT easier to be on the giving end than the receiving end (that’s what she said), I am in fact very grateful.

Annnnyway! ZOMG FAST!! WTFBBQICANFLYYYYYYYYY fast! Sadly I can’t take a screenie of Eloise going WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE over the rooves of Stormwind, so you’re just going to have to imagine it.

Oh yeah, and now I get to spend the next 5 years paying them back. I’m apparently not supposed to, but I will anyway.


In vaguely-related news, I have no idea how to play my level 40-odd paladin. Things Have Changed! Pallies were confusing enough before with the Power of A Million Bufflets and the seals and the heals and the meals on wheels, but man! So yeah, she’s not doing much but fishing dailies.

On the other hand, I accidentally took the level 33 rogue out for a spin (yes, it’s possible to accidentally play an alt, just ask any altoholic. It’s sort of like falling into a bottle) and yeesh, that was fun! Stab! Morestab! SneaksneaksneakSTAB! And a bit of gouge for good measure. I found myself wondering how I’d never managed to bond with the character when I originally played WoW, but I’m really glad I never went ahead and deleted her. I think she’ll be going out for some more spins — and I thought hunters had decent DPS. Remind me not to ever duel — or even piss off — a rogue, m’kay?

That’s it for now. Keep your feet on the ground (and eat my flying dust!).

* Ooops! She’s in there. What can I say. I’m blinded by my own GINORMOUS ego!

6 thoughts on “Ur doin' it right!

  1. I tried a rogue about 4 years ago and dismissed them as being to complicated to play. Now, I can’t stop playing them. My little goblin rogue is a shadow stepping foo. I’ve even been giving the battle grounds a real go this time and I like it.

    I have the same issues with keeping my blog up to date, but blogging is something for me to vent my anger and joy, but only when I feel the need, which seems to be very rarely.

    I will say that changing servers and abandoning my high level characters to start over in WoW has been fun.

  2. I start to question Massively’s tastes. My blog is one to watch in 2011, Everyone knows I’m so 2009

  3. Totally deserved choice – your blog is always about quality over quantity – so even if you have to skip a day (or a month) we’ll be okay with it.

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