Waiting on a friend

Or, more to the point, all my friends are waiting on me.

That’s because I’m not 70 and I don’t have the lickety-split flying mounts yet — but Eloise is now halfway through 69 and I’m increasingly starting to wonder how I’ll even afford that riding skill upgrade. It’s going to cost me somewhere in the region of 4500 gold, though I suppose I could grind some rep and bring that down by a not-inconsiderable 500 if I manage to get to exalted. (Hah!)

Just a few days ago that Artisan Riding skill didn’t seem like much of an issue, because I still haven’t really internalised my new levelling pace. Now it’s staring me in the face and I don’t know if I want to importune my friends for loans I’m not sure I could repay in the next 5 years, even if the interest rates are good. I’m rather better at being the loaner than the loanee, too.

So, fellow WoWers — advice? Ideas? Ways of making a quick buck that don’t involve any special skills (other than fishing, cooking and skinning) or dancing naked on mailboxes? Those mailboxes are small and they’re usually kinda crowded. Besides, it’s Winter Veil – it’s cold!

Also, this critter made me laugh. The EQ/EQ2ers out there will know why.

I may or may not post tomorrow. If I don’t, have a marvellous [insert festival/holiday/weird cultish observance]! Thanks for sticking with me through these rather droughty posting times.

5 thoughts on “Waiting on a friend

    1. Sadly no — well, sort of. There are now three flying speeds. The base, which indeed was relatively cheap, then artisan flying and *then* at 80 Master flying. Between artisan and master there’s a difference of only 30% in terms of speed though, so I assume not everyone is shelling out on that as soon as they hit 80.


  1. Not sure if you’d even remember me anymore – I was in the Silly Pies Kinship on LotRO with you a little while back, I was Duthark the Guardian, picked on your hobbit hold, etc. 😛 – and I’m certainly way behind on posts etc. BUTT.. Skinning is actually great for gold. At least on my server.
    Not many people can be bothered going out and skinning the 203847249246 creatures necessary to make that next shiny belt, and I managed to make 850 gold just off what I’d picked up in the course of leveling. Of course, it depends on what level creature you’re skinning, but hey, it’s input, at least, right?
    Also, once you hit the level cap, find a few places like.. Say, Bloodgulch in the Twilight Highlands (for Horde) or somewhere similar for Alliance, and do a few daily quests. Nice and easy, about 13-18g a pop, can do 25 a day, neat little source of income for the playing time impaired.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂 Love the writing, keep it up!

    1. I remember you – you picked on me! 😉

      I have indeed been selling harvestables, though at the moment I’m mostly selling herbs.

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