Down in the Hole (Hang Fire)

I have a feeling WoW life is about to get rather expensive.

Yesterday I sprang for Cold Weather Flying, which will let me flap about Northrend, and that was a snip at a mere 450 gold. Later on I get to spend amounts I’d rather not think about, which may not be relevant for a while if my levelling pace tapers off anyway. People are throwing around numbers like 4500 gold — forty-five HUNDRED gold?! Wataf? Eloise has made the princely sum of not-quite 2000g in her entire career, and currently has about 20% of that in her pocket. Aieeee! And that’s not even counting the price of the mounts. Or the rep grind before some smug NPC bastard even lets you buy one of his precious beasties.

Will dance for moneh.

Okay, maybe not.

Am a little quested-out, a little Outlanded-0ut, and generally a little burned-out (already!) on frenetically doing whatever silly thing any passing NPC feels like asking me to do. Some days you save the world, some days you poke through Clefthoof poop – I guess it evens out. But it’s all questing, and there are 18 million and three quests in the Outlands, and that way lies madness if it’s all I ever do.

So I think Eloise is going to hang up her questing hat for a few days and maybe go fishing or something. Hang out with friends, even if it’s only on Vent and not in v-person. Have a RL drink (or three). My guildies, it turns out, are a bunch of lushes — oh yes you are and you know who you are, even if you’re not reading this — and they are leading me down that terrible path of *gasp* occasionally having a drink (or three) while I play.

It’s not actually something I do very often – drink that is, not play. I don’t drink much these days to begin with, for several reasons. First, I have nothing to prove. Second, alcohol severs the brake between brain and mouth and that is not always a good thing, especially if someone’s taking screenshots and especially if you don’t remember it later. Third, the hangovers really aren’t worth it. It’s like all the hangovers I didn’t get in my college days and my 20s have finally figured out where I live and have decided to gang up on me if I so much as give a bottle of spirits a sideways glance.

On the bright side, I still have never woken up with a brand-new tattoo. So that’s a plus.

Yea, in all things I shall be moderate. It is, after all, the Holiday season as we so PCly put it these days. I think I can have a drink, evade the Hangover Beast, avoid making too great a tit of myself in v-public, not quest like a manic questing thing, and generally have a good time.

Here’s lookin’ at you, fellow players.