Fight and Flight

No, this is not a deeply probing article about the above.

It’s a very short* post about how after much of the former, I achieved the latter – in WoW.

Those are not flames shooting out of my mount's ass. Honest!

As mentioned in the post update on Friday, Blizzard CS very kindly and rapidly sorted my old account out for me. That having been done, it took me all of 12.46 minutes to decide that having all the expansions (bar Cata) was vastly superior to having to buy them all again especially since Blizzard haven’t yet decided to make bundles (that anyone would buy anyway) of their expansions. There’s some freaky Burning Crusade + stuff I can’t remember but it wasn’t useful bundle — when what I was really looking for would be Burning Crusade + Lich King + pound of 20s for $19.99.

Oh all right, I didn’t look very hard. Please do not inundate me with Amazon and New Egg links. I don’t really care whether such bundles exist or not, I care only that I couldn’t find one for $20 the other day. It’s a moot point anyway, my account got fixed and I got resubbed.

So I spent a teeth-grindy hour or two going through all the alts, emptying out and selling pretty much everything they had (most of which was crap anyway). I deleted two or three of them — which still leaves me with half a dozen characters on Icecrown, which was where I started on Hour 1 of Day 1 of Year 1. Well, maybe Hour 3. I seem to recall the servers having stability issues on launch day way back when.

My Rexxar characters are all gone except the Dread Knight I made there when I went back a couple of years ago. I could have sworn I had alts there — it’s not like me not to have alts there. But then why delete the silly alts and leave the DK? As the CS chap said, I was hacked but they didn’t really seem to find much of value on the account and didn’t do much to it. Except delete alts. Weird. (And nice way of saying I’m a noob and don’t raid and don’t own anything useful there, dude!)

Anyway, I cleaned up the Icecrown Assassination of Alts and ended with Eloise, who wasn’t even as high level as I remembered her being. Not even 60! What a noooooob! And her gear! Ewwwww!

Actually I couldn’t care less about her gear, I just wanted to say ewwww. What did bother me a bit is that she seemed to only have one pet, which is very unlike me. I could have sworn she had at least 2 or 3 including one of those winged serpenty things and a bear… but maybe I cleared those out during my brief stint in 2009 in a fit of pet-removing madness. The problem is I make hunters every time I play WoW, so I get a bit confused as to who has what pets, where and on what server. I’m getting old – sue me.

At least she still had her faithful Ozymandias — aka King Bangalash, from the days when he was actually difficult to tame and before you could find white tigers under every bloody rock across Azeroth. I decided to get a white bear — Eloise has this white thing going on, always has had — and figured Winterspring would be as good a place as any to do that. Except I’d lost the Everlook flight master (unless she never had it and it was the Rexxar DK who had it… this gets confusing!), so I had to go get that again — and then there were people offering quests there, and at the mouth of the Felwood/Winterspring tunnel, so I had to do all those quests… And before you know it Eloise was levelling.

Levelling rather fast, actually. I know the pace was upped, but damn! I’ll spare you the details but basically, over a couple of rather leisurely days of pootling around exclusively in Winterspring (and getting the 60-quests achievement there), Eloise went from level 55 to level 59 — all on rest xp. I then took her to Silithus as instructed by some hero board in some town, but Silithus was tedius and full of bugsius. In any case she hit 60 pretty quick there and I suddenly re-discovered the Old-World XP Penalty (-90%), so like it or not it was time to hit Outlands. And all, I should add, with rest xp — which lasted from level 55 to a smidge into level 60. That’s a crazy amount of rest xp — and yes, I know quest turnins don’t count, but that’s five levels. That’s a lot of rest xp and I didn’t turn in that many quests compared to the amount of critters I killed. That’s a LOT of rest xp. Just sayin’.

So Eloise went to the Outlands, which is where I left her last night. I can’t say I’m overjoyed about it. I detest being stuck on a floaty crumbly continent in the middle of the ether with teeny tiny little islands floating on the edge that you have to visit (wanting to hurl throughout) if you want the exploration achievements. But it’s not too bad as long as I stay away from the edges — which isn’t an option when you first start in the aptly named Hellfire Peninsula. Bloody dwarves and their bloody griffon-back bombing runs!**

But that’s not important right now. Thanks to the kindness of some old, rediscovered (and much missed!) friends, Eloise was able to buy her flying skill and a mislabeled ebon griffon. Ebon my ass! Well, mine maybe, but the griffon’s sure isn’t. Nobody said anything about brown backsides! But I’m too cheap to buy another one, at least right now, though the money is starting to come in and I shouldn’t have much trouble paying back the kind flight-school subsidising friend.

WoW is like the Cheers of the MMO world. You may leave for a while, but almost everyone ends up coming back to that same barstool at some point down the line, and there’s always someone else sitting there who remembers (if only vaguely) who you are.

That’s not so bad.


* This is probably a lie, and anyone who reads this blog (when it’s healthy) knows I am incapable of very short posts. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

** Incidentally, flying under my own volition is a lot easier than being hurl-inducingly flown around on rails. I rather suspected it would be. Actually, flying is way cool and a lot of fun. Woohoo! Incoming!

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  1. it was beautiful this weekend; my younger brother was playing wow and i had the tv all to myself 😉
    IF i was to go back to wow, i think i’d enjoy the new beginner player’s experience.
    I dunno why, but I can never see the images that you post in your entries :S

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