Here’s how busy I’ve been — I knew Cataclysm was due to come out in December sometime, but I had no idea it was today. I haven’t been in the Twitter-stream much and I never really was in the Facebook-stream (don’t ask me why but I find FB vaguely creepy), so I haven’t seen the frothing.

Nonetheless, there’s a teeeeny tiny part of me that keeps thinking I should get this almost-brand-new-game. And try it. And maybe even like it.

I’m not sure I actually want to play or like WoW again.



In the meantime, am still enjoying LOTRO though I’m less and less sure about the monetisation aspect. I know they have to make money, and I know that being bought by WB is kind of like being bought by Disney (they both know how to wring every last drop of income out of a franchise), but… I dunno.

Example: used to be you could spend Destiny Points for a quick infusion of rest-xp, which was a nice option. I don’t remember to use it often, but I did want to use some the other day. Now, however, such expenditures are time-limited — it seems you can only do so many in a certain period of time. I don’t remember that being the case before, when I could happily cha-ching my destiny points (which I don’t use otherwise) until my rest-xp bar was full again.

Is it cynical of me to think this change has been implemented because the LOTRO-store now sells exactly the same thing only for real money and not “destiny points”?

Well anyway. Have a shiny screenshot to balance the cynicism; it’s my wallpaper right now.