Miscellanea and linkage

I remain hopelessly busy and I apologise — deeply and with much kow-towing — to all of you who might be wondering what the hell rabbit hole swallowed me up.

However, other people are writing good stuff. I’m not trying to get hired by Psychochild or anything (in case you were wondering about all the link love) — he’s just very clever and writes very well about very interesting things.

That said, Mr. Green. As an investor in your game, I cannot help but wonder why you’re blog posting when you should be WORKING!


In other news, I’ll be on the road for about 10 days starting Friday. Ironically enough that might give me more time to blog than I’ve had lately. I’ll either be running around like a blue-arsed fly from 0600 to 2100, or I’ll have the odd tract of spare time in which to pull out this poor neglected blog and wonder what I might write about.

I may even discover the joys of trying to play a AAA MMO on a laptop, which I haven’t done in almost a decade. I expect many deaths.

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