(Lack of) Thought for the Day

EDIT – am disabling comments on this post since it’s the one that’s attracting all the spam at the moment. I doubt it’ll stop them, but it’s worth a shot.


My roof (not actually our roof, but close enough) after last weekend’s massive hailstorm. Those were basket-ball sized hailstones, I swear!

That is all. I try not to think too much, it gives me wrinkles.

4 thoughts on “(Lack of) Thought for the Day

  1. My god, Holmes! Our adversary has struck again; the fiend! But what sort of person would strangle a dog with a chic silk purple scarf?!

    I’m not sure yet, my dear Watson, but once again they did leave a most stylish corpse…

  2. I just looked at the pictures and not the caption and thought:

    What a cute dog!

    Look at that vent cover…it is painted in a Holstein Cow pattern, isn’t that so cute.

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