LOTRO – One more wafer-thin Alt?

Slowly but surely I’m giving in to my Altoholism over in LOTRO.

For those of you who are single-character players, the lure probably doesn’t make much sense. You make one character, maybe a mule or crafting alt who will never get much attention, and just go about your mono-char business. The other altoholics out there, however, will know what I mean.

First, I had to make an alt to play with the spousal unit, so we wouldn’t have to force-level him to Ysharros’ level or so she wouldn’t have to hang around waiting.

Then we discovered that since we had half the crafting classes covered, we might as well make another alt each and cover them all. (There will be crafting guild issues down the line since you can only join one guild and most chars have more than one crafting ability, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.)

Slippery slope, I tell ya. Slippery slope.

So for now there’s Heloyse the Hunter who sits behind her Guardian buddy and sticks bad guys with arrows. That’s rather fun and it only belatedly occurred to us that we’re a rather stereotypical Legolas/Gimli pairing. Oh well – still fun!

But there’s also Yvriel the Warden, who is paired up with hubby’s new Rune-Keeper. He doesn’t often play casty types so we’re taking it slowly, but it’s also been quite entertaining so far. I thought I was going to make a Champion, because they look like slicing and dicing fun machines, but somehow I ended up selecting a Warden during char creation so I guess my subconscious decided for me. Besides, they’re a lot of fun too. Gotta love that Ambush move.

But wait! At some point I made a Lore-Master, Aethinviel, who ended up being the non-picked wallflower and doesn’t have a duo partner yet. I’m not sure how that happened except that I really wanted a hunter. I’m a hunter fan. So poor Aeth is in her mid teens and getting used to doing stuff by herself. Sneak up Weathertop for some herbs, at level 11? No problem! Thanks to my stupidly elephantine memory for irrelevant details from years ago, I remembered exactly a) how to get up to the top while avoiding most of the mobs and b) what the herbs looked like, though the whole shiny-clicky-me! effect makes that rather easy anyway.

So now I have not one, not two, but FOUR characters and I’m feeling a little tipsy. And distinctly less flush. Playing more than one char limits how much you actually gets done and siphons funds and resources away that you would otherwise be selling. That said, we both have spanky new houses in Falathlorn, so that’s taken care of, and the main thing left to do now is to get the Kinship house out of years-long hock. 6600 silver in one go is a lot to throw down!

Thanks to all those who have waved at me in tells – I still find it a little weird, though somehow also very flattering, and some have even sent me food packages! I guess I’m a hobbit at heart: food is always welcome!

9 thoughts on “LOTRO – One more wafer-thin Alt?

  1. I often feel this way when playing mmos with my wife. Include my 4yr old that already plays mmos and the amount you get done in the little time you get to play is very limited. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Hah! Lightweight! I have 7 characters, each a Supreme Master crafter with Kindred rating with their crafting guild. I just bought 2 more character slots so that I could have one character of every class.

    You kids these days, thinking you’re hard-core with your four characters…. And get off my lawn! 😉

    1. ENABLER! Shame on you! 😀

      I’m resisting really hard as it is, but you know what the lure of those empty char slots is like…

      1. Hehe. I know, and I’m sorry.

        For me, the fun part was figuring out how to max out crafting without necessarily having to level up the crafters. Lots of excitement as I took my low level Loremaster Explorer (harvester) to the Misty Mountains to collect Black Ash for my level 20ish Woodworker. Many bears died those runs so that I could escape unscathed. That character should have the title “the Pet Killer”, really.

        Just funny reading about someone else going “OMG 4 characters!” when I just bought two more slots to fill. (They’re only level 7 currently, and haven’t done any crafting, really.)

      2. It’s going to get worse when we have to pick crafting guilds. The ‘splorer is all right, she’s only got tailoring anyway, but everyone else has 2 make-stuff profs… so sooner or later I *know* I’m going to make alts for the profs I don’t join crafting guilds with.

        However I really am noticing how distracting alts really are, and how much they cost. It was sort of nice being more concentrated for a while. Then again, they’re all selling useful stuff at the AH now too so it’s not so bad.

        And yes, I like to do challenging non-leveled crafting stuff too. It bugs me quite a bit that the crafting tools are tied to adventuring levels, but of course the whole system is nominally tied to them anyway (apart from farming).

  3. My name is Yeebo, and I am a screaming foaming altoholic. I haven’t admitted this to many of my friends, they think i simply like to craft. While the crafting obsession is true, when i look at it closely my crafting is a thin excuse that enables my altoholism. Whether it is the feared dwarf that slays his foes with axes… and is a also skilled smith with traditions passed down… or the elven historian that can bend the lore of sages and druids to his will and also happens to be a talented alchemist…I find my alts compelling. They all have stories that will likely never be told.

  4. I’ve got 3 myself, only because I was in the beta so I got the points card on beta’s end, and thus count as premium.

    I began with a Man Captain, for the logical reason that I wanted one of those little guys with the banner following me around, because that looked cool and important that you have your own dude with a flag following you everywhere. Except the bathroom, because really nobody wants a guy with a big banner standing there while you’re doing that.

    My Man Captain became a Tinker, because random website on a Google search said that’s what Captains should be. And it’s turned out really nice, with all that bling he can crank out with his Jeweler skill. Although it does feel weird as a generally conservative kind of guy to be running around with twin earrings and more jewelry than Mr. T.

    Then I got the parents, who are in their 60s, interested. Mom decided on an Elf Minstrel, so of course Dad and I made elves to end up in the same starter missions. Enter the Elf Hunter. I actually like him the best now, which would be why he’s 3 levels ahead of the Man Captain at this stage (currently 21). Being a forester, he goes through bouts of carnage in which he depopulates entire zones of any creature big enough to have a hide on it (and a few that aren’t just for the sellable skins, of course). He was the first of my characters to complete a class quest, and in the last week or so I’ve gone back to several of the skipped “fellowship recommended” quests from lower levels and solo’d them.

    Recently, I put a push on my Man Captain to catch him up a bit, solo’d his class quest, and I’m trying desperately to find enough silver to finish his Journeyman Jeweler rank. He’s in a nice Kin, which has helped quite a bit, though it’s actually done far more to help my third character.

    Character #3 was created largely because there was an empty slot since I was premium. He’s a Man Loremaster, and is almost to level 16. Currently, he is wandering around catching up the low-level dwarf quests. This I fnd hilarious, simply because he so outlevels them. Yesterday, I walked into the Silver…something Mine to collect sand, recover a lost pickaxe, recover a missing gear, and defeat 8 or 12 cave claws. I put the pet bear on aggressive, and just walked around collecting stuff. Periodically I’d hear a roar behind me of the bear, a screech of cave claw, and then the little noise announcing the end of combat. So I’d turn around, loot the poor dead cave claw’s corpse, then continue onward. I joined the fight a couple of times simply to use combat skills I needed to deed up, but I really wasn’t needed for any of the fights. The bear could do it by himself. If he were intelligent enough to grab the collectibles, I could have sent him in there on his own and just sat outside and read scholarly works for 30 minutes or so. 😉

  5. I’ve been playing LOTRO for a little over a month and I already have 5 characters at least level 20, and there are 4 more that are in their teens. I haven’t even really tried crafting much yet, I just wanted to try out a character for each class.

    But now I can’t pick a favorite class, so I keep playing all of them! I like switching between classes to get more versatility in combat (focus, fervour, reflex moves, gambits, etc), but I’m having a hard time leveling them up since I split up my time between them all. This is my first MMO and I believe I am an altoholic….

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