IronWoman LOTRO – It ends here

(Listos version: Blah blah blah DID NOT BLOODY GRIND ANY MOBS ANYWHERE blah blah enjoy questing blah blah blah all things in moderation blah blah.

Some days I wonder why I bother blogging.)

This is where it started, the foolish notion to play an MMO for a week and not do a single (standard) quest.

Then there were updates. One update, ah! ah! ah! And then I updated a second time-ah! Then, after throwing une vache over the battlements, I did some more updating: three and four. Gosh, is that all? It feels like I’ve written Moby Dick meets War and Peace this last week, but I guess it doesn’t really weigh in much over a single Gravity’s Rainbow.

Either way it was a very interesting week, and for the most part a fun one too.

(Wall of text warning!)

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