13 thoughts on “Nobody reads blogs on weekends

  1. Oh they most certainly do…

    I’m testing a US Firewall change from London & yes, it’s that exciting i’m reliving my EQ days by reading our old Guild Board’s…roll on the next MMO.

    Your blog brings a smile to my face most days/nights so thank you.

  2. Posts I make at the weekend never get as many views compared to the week, so I’d agree with the sentiment. It looks as though others have a different idea **looks above**

    1. They’re just trying to turn me into a liar.

      What they *don’t* know is that they’re proving my point that people will comment on silly posts WAY more often than on serious posts.

      Oops. Did I say that out loud?

      Move along. Nothing to see here!

  3. Awesome post, agree with everything you said, especially that one part about that stuff and those things!

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