Awoooga! TSW info incoming!

As Madeline Kahn once said: “It’s twoo, it’s twoo!”

And even if it’s on IGN, the once-sleaziness of which I still can’t quite shake off even if they really are squeaky-clean these days (or ARE they?!), it’s The Secret World. And it’s INFOZ. On London.

Tramplars, We Know Where You Live.

Snippet below. I don’t really like stealing snippets but I need something to flesh out this post other than sheer unbridled enthusiasm.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard anything new from Funcom regarding their upcoming MMO The Secret World, but that doesn’t mean that it has vanished entirely. Funcom has been quietly toiling away, edging ever closer to being able to bring The Secret World to the eyes of the public. Well, that day is still a while away, but to hold you over for the next few minutes, we caught up with Ragnar Tornquist, Lead Developer on the city of London in the paranormal-themed MMO.

But wait!

“London is the biggest hub in the game,” Tornquist told us, “since in addition to the factional and storydriven content, it also supports all the social game mechanics.”


“There are sections of our London that stray deep into foreign territories,” Tornquist says, “places where the walls between worlds are thin, and where darker things sometimes leak through. Places that haven’t changed much in a thousand years, and where you’ll meet more unsavoury sorts that don’t like to mingle with the tourists.”


Bog off over there already and check it out.

That galloping sound you hear is my much-vaunted hype-cynicism disappearing into the dark squamous yonder.

There will be a TSW beta and I will be in it. Even if I have to send in Ardua’s still-beating, treacherous Templar heart to do it.

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4 thoughts on “Awoooga! TSW info incoming!

  1. London awakens memories of Hellgate: London – I hope TSW does not follow in its footsteps!

  2. There is no TSW, just like spoons.


  3. The real Dragon way to operate would be to get someone else to deliver Ardua’s heart, and then swoop in and defeat them to become the hero, without having revealed your identity or agenda. Just sayin’

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