Be careful what you wish for

Ardua has been hot on the trail of any info about The Secret World, including possible interviews and information and whatnot. I could claim that I’ve just been doing what Dragons do best, which is wait in the background while the wannabe-Grail Knights do the actually gumshoeing, but the truth is — well, two-fold. One, so little information has come out that I’ve pretty much forgotten about it, or at least forgotten to keep an eye out for news. And two, there’s only so much teasing a body can take.

Secrecy, I get it – it’s part of the game, it makes good hype, it’s very Lovecraftian and blah and blah and blah. BUT. I don’t want to sit on forums all day every day rehashing the same 2 bits of information as we try to guess what might be coming down the pipe; and the reason I don’t want to do that anymore is that I’ve done it before, notably with Vanguard and more lately with Warhammer, and we all know that the wages of excessive hype is — always, mind you — disappointment.

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