It’s the spice of life

Since I’m an MMO-hobutterfly these days, let’s play Guess The Game.

No, it’s not difficult. But the pictures sure are pretty. (1920×1200 versions on request if you’re dead keen.)



Dead giveaway

In other news, why is it that the best freaking blog posts always seem to pass me by? I have got to stop hitting that “Mark all as read” button in my Reader, even if there are 29,392,483 posts racked up (and only 293,948 are RPS/Gamasutra posts).

8 thoughts on “It’s the spice of life

  1. I don’t mix my blog feeds with gaming news site feeds because the latter are way too spammy.

    My set-up is Google Reader for all bloggers, and some minimized feeds on a Netvibes homepage for all of the spammy sites. It works well – I never miss a blog post, I get a high level view of how many spammy posts places like Kotaku have churned out, and I can title-skim them (or mark all as read) as I please.

    1. I’ve got a similar setup in my reader only with a bunch of folders. I even have blog A- and B-lists (but I’ll never tell who’s on which one! :D). Even so, some days I just don’t have the head-space for RSS feeds of whatever kind, and the great posts always seem to be on those days. Sod’s law really.

  2. Is it terrible that I pegged it as LOTRO at a glance of the first shot… and that I’ve only ever played the game for the trial?

    Must be the game artist eye I’ve been training. 😉

  3. First shot is either the wolf area of the elf starter zone or the road leading to a pond and some old woman’s house in the human starting towns. Obviously LOTRO. 😀

  4. I am so looking forward to you posting some gorgeous Guild Wars landscapes. If you want I can run you to the Falls in Maguuma Jungle to the Temple of Balthazar for a photo session. 😉

    1. I know you do, but the more you push the more I’m going to dig my heels in. Let me get to these things at my own pace — it’s the only way to deal with me. I’m a contrary old bag!

      That said, I most certainly WILL holler at you once I’m ready to be toured around. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed by content I haven’t chosen to see yet. 😉

  5. LOTRO is one of the more beautiful scenic games. I would still be there if the graphics (trees mostly) didn’t seem to always pop in and out or move in weird ways as I moved towards them. That sort of thing always bugs me. Course I get that in Star Trek but there is so much happening as you move around on the planet surface that I hardly ever notice it.

    Guild Wars is also very pretty and look forward to seeing some screens of that as well.

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