Quick EVE update

It’s possible I may have been provided — very kindly too! — with a LOTRO F2P beta key* but aside from installing the client I’ve held off actually logging in. For one thing it can apparently take a few hours for your permissions to be correctly set and before that you won’t authenticate to log in. For another, I’m always like this. It’s like Christmas or birthdays or other anticipation-laden present days — what I really enjoy is knowing there’s a shiny something to unwrap and not touching it. Anticipation > fulfilment — hear that, you MMO-gobbling locust generation?

Also, it looks like I’ll only get to make one char, since I’ll be testing that whole lower-class non-paying pleb option — and it’s going to kill me just trying to decide what class to pick. I’d rather put off the agony. I’m a slow-puller not a sudden-ripper with band aids too, by the way.

But I digress.

I’ve spent the last couple of hours playing EVE, totally unintentionally. I was really only going to log in to finally set the idle Planetary Installations to actually doing something, even if I had to set them on 96 hours (or whatever it is) and put up with the stupidly low yield.

Yet here I am, trekking across the various Gallente regions, finally emptying out some of my assets (been buying don’tcha know, now I should really sell the stuff) and generally checking out pricing in more than just my home region. Since I haven’t really been paying attention or even playing much, the corp is lagging in terms of actually making any money; Mort’s earning a decent living but that mostly stays in his own wallet, since he has some sort of religious prohibition against spending corp money even though we’re the only people in the corp. (And my sarcasm would be more effective if he were ever actually going to read it.)

Unlike most other people who play EVE, I imagine (including this extremely entertaining female pirate (YARR!) I found via Stabbed Up yesterday), I enjoy the game most when it’s quietest, so piddling about in safe space comparing prices and rounding up assets has actually been kind of fun. It’s also allowed me to set my PI extractors on half-hour cycles, which requires a lot of micro-managing — and a really stupid amount of clicking and double-clicking by the way, CCP — but does provide much better resource yields.

Um… that’s about it. I was mostly commenting on the fact that, as usual, just when I’m about to can a game I’ll tend to start having fun in it. Is this some kind of MMO-law?

My favourite view of EVE space

*I’m a poet, too, see?

6 thoughts on “Quick EVE update

  1. I’ve put off really getting into the LOTRO beta as well. I played a Warden up to about 7-9 or so and saw that they have completely revamped the starting area. I really want to test out the waters as a real f2p player also, and since I jumped the gun and resubbed, I’m now a VIP player. But I cancelled the auto-renew on my sub and it should run out in time for me to give the beta a good romp this weekend.

    My all-time favorite LOTRO class is the lore master. Wardens are pretty good also, and still quite popular, I believe. I found myself just not liking Champions very much, for whatever reason – normally I like DPS classes and Champions are AOE DPS, which seems like it would be even more fun.

  2. I have to agree the Loremaster is a really well done class. Quite powerful from mid levels on, though they are admittedly a bit weak solo until they get their Lynx. The Hunter and Warden are both fantastic solo classes due to their abundant travel abilities.

    1. I am of course leaning towards hunter. It’s what I played and enjoyed most in beta — along with my Minstrel — but I’m sort of leery of always picking the same classes in games. Then again, they *are* games, I guess I should just play what appeals. 😉

  3. Oh well, it will be a shame to see you leave Eve, I enjoyed our chats.

    I think the nice thing about Eve is that it’s a game that grows finer with neglect, if you don’t log in for a year then come back you’ll be quite nicely set still. I’ve spent time not really playing, just skilling and jita trading and the game seemed great to come back to.

    1. That’s pretty much what I’m doing right now – if nothing else I have a million more skill points than I had a month ago. I won’t quit just yet because hubby made a sad panda face when I threatened to, but I don’t see myself actually playing much (in the going places and doing stuff sense). 😉

  4. I noticed in the comments at Stabs’s blog that you mentioned needing a lot of money to move to 0.0. No you don’! You just need enough to cover a few pvp ships that your corp/alliance will want you to roam/defend with, and then a ratting ship. If your alliance has systems built up, you can rat in anomalies all day if you want. And if you don’t want, 0.0 needs industry types too. “Good” items get snapped up fast in the regional markets, so if you can find a niche and stock it you’d be well set there too.

    Most alliances will replace ships lost on alliance operations as well, so there’s often very little cost to losing a ship.

    Make the plunge and come join us in “capsuleer space!” 😀

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