Mordor or Bust LOTRO F2P beta key giveaway

It’s probably not news to anyone, but we’ll headline it anyway.


I am a beta whore


There. Now it’s out in the open I can consider looking for a support group.

In the meantime, check out Mordor or Bust: they haz podcast. They haz twitter. And — o hai! — they haz LOTRO free to play beta keys. I’m still looking for the free T-shirts, because nobody can resist a free T-shirt.

I’m not actually sure what a F2P beta is — as in, what might actually need to be tested — but I am an ignorant peon and I don’t actually care. It’d be a good way to take a look at LOTRO again without shelling out, especially now that I haz better computer. LOTRO still stands in my memory as the MMO with the best landscapes ever, and maybe I’ll be kinder on the gameplay with a few years’ distance. The last time I played LOTRO in any meaningful way was during the beta (the pre-launch kind, since we now have post-launch kinds), and I was planning on checking out the F2P model when it came out.

Assuming I get a key, I can check it out early. Pick me! Pick me!

With thanks to Dickie (or rather, his twitter-version) for the original info! Plus, you’re one of my four readers. That free T-shirt is in the mail*

*insert really small disclaimer text about Acts of God, strikes, and other reasons other than sheer mendacity why you might actually not ever get said free T-shirt

9 thoughts on “Mordor or Bust LOTRO F2P beta key giveaway

  1. Hehe, hooooray free t-shirts*!! 😉

    I think you’ll get into the game much easier now. I wasnt a fan with the original beta of the game either. It was too slow, very grindy ans just not my flavor. But the classes develop much more intuitively now and the combat is very much faster and more engaging these days. If you get in, let me know and we can try to run aroind together.

  2. @Soulsavaged / Fluffy Evil Hippy Overlord — thanks for the link/testing thing. 😀 I’d have commented directly but that requires me to log in to your site and I’m too lazy. Note that you can enable name/email validation commenting which makes life much easier for the commenters without sacrificing too much risk to being spammed. Spam bad! Easier commenting good!

  3. I just started tinkering with my site. I’m sure you can see that when if you went there. I get it up an running shortly.

      1. I didn’t even know it was you, Teki. Besides, the fact that I’d just started wouldn’t stop you from saying the exact same thing to me so suck it up 😛

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