I’m a chump for virtual real-estate

With a name like GUILD Wars, you’d expect at least semi-decent Guild Halls in this game — but damn, these aren’t just halls they’re entire islands! There’s something for every taste, from simple pre-Searing to moody-Goth via bow-down-to-my-Imperial-power Eastern.

And because I can’t help acting like Twoflower whenever I visit a new game (or revisit an old one, for that matter), here are a couple more screenies. Sadly you can’t go into all the cool-looking buildings up on the cliffs of the Imperial-POWA Guild Hall, but it still looks the shiz. I smushed them down to 1440×900 but can provide 1920×1200 if anyone wants a larger size to download. I’m using Imperial-POWA as my desktop right now, though that’s changing daily as I take more screenshots.

I can’t afford a guild hall yet, of course — I’m only a noob! — but oh, someday. Something to save up for!


I vont to be alone (with my God of death and my guildies)


All About Eve concert here tomorrow!