I’m in ur #ff stealin’ ur slang

It’s a Twitter thing, see — #ff = FollowFriday, as in, who am I following today, as in mini popularity contest because noooo, we didn’t get enough of this shit at school and now we get to re-enact high school all over again in the context of social media, only this time around it’s much easier to post nekkid pictures of drunk chicks and toilet-headed nerds.


Actually I had a surprisingly easy time in high school, as far as that stuff goes. I’ve always been a semi-loner and I’ve never been particularly impressed on command. I was equally distant and equally friendly with whatever cliques and groups there were, and got on pretty well with all of them. Not consciously mind you, and on a couple of occasions I clearly broke some vital clique protocol, but for the most part high school was a refuge from other stuff and not the modern hell it’s usually portrayed as, especially here in the States.

But I digress. #followfriday is also a good way to shout out to people who are especially interesting, funny, engaging, outrageous — whatever. So, because I’m utterly uninspired this morning and might just possibly have has a little too much beer with my (skill-less) pool last night, here’s my own version. Minor hangover aside, I also strongly believe in giving props for the stuff you enjoy. These are blogs or sites I enjoy — maybe you will too!

I’m very egalitarian. If you’re not on one of these and would like to be, just drop me a box of chocolates a comment or $20 mail and, if you’re worthy of being in my uber-selective blogger clique*, I’ll add you to my #FridayFoofery. Note that #ff traditionally uses 7 names. I think. I also don’t care, but it’s what I’m going to use.

Friday Foofery July 23, 2010

HarbingerZero — he cannot be contained and he’s back in EVE with moar skillz and bettur ships than me. Which may not be saying all that much.

Caladwen’s Gaming Blog — EQ2 to the core and currently fighting evil account theifz. There is a special circle of hell for people who do that, where they make damned sinners watch reality TV all day every day.

A Ding World — because of all the Swedish bloggers I know, Sente is definitely the best! Oh wait! Larisa… okay, the best MALE blogger. Sente, you’d better not be a girl.

The Pink Pigtail Inn — needs no introduction. I don’t play WoW but one doesn’t need to play a given game to read the best posts about it. Cuz if that were the case I’d have no readers, and I know I have at least four now! (Hi Joe, hi Billy Bob, hi Fuchsia, hi Dickie!)

Cow Nose the 50lb Cat — because how can you not link a name like that? Maybe the truly biblical FLOOD of people coming by from here will prompt said lazy-ass feline to post some more.

The Internet Crashed — yeah, I linked to them not long ago. Cybersue me!

One Of These Alts — recently discovered thanks to the Great ActiBlizzard Shitstorm of ’10, currently raising hell in SWG (briefly) and EQ2

(#8 is not really here. You have not seen it. This is not the Gamasutra article on “Is the game industry a happy place” you’re looking for.)

* We get our own heart-of-the-volcano lair and really good dental, by the way. The cafeteria food’s lousy though.

10 thoughts on “I’m in ur #ff stealin’ ur slang

  1. ::hat tip fourish:: Thank you madam. And very true about WoW posts. I still read them even though I haven’t played in over two years. It would be akin to saying one enjoyed roleplaying games but stridently ignored DnD. You could do it a I guess, but a true lover of games would know they each have their place, no matter how one might personally feel about them.

    Also those four (five?) readers must produce a lot of hits, ‘cuz last I checked you were the #4 MMO blog on MassiveBlips…

    1. Naaaaaah. And seriously, who checks those blippy things?

      You’re thinking of Spinks. She’s the famous one 😉

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