L2Search the internet, EVE noob!

This is how much of a noob I am. I’d never have found this amazing resource if a kind commenter, Latrodanes, hadn’t pointed it out to me. Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who’s stopped by with help, comments, advice, L2Pnub, and anything else on this game that I’ve supposedly already played twice but still don’t really know at all. It’s much appreciated. Just don’t taunt me a second time.

I’m proud of calling myself a perma-noob, because there’s always something new to be learned no matter how long you’ve played a game, but missing such a seminal info site is pretty noobish even for a noob. Especially one who prides herself on her Google-fu.

Shiny new site! With MAPS! I love, love, loooooooove maps. Stuff is clickable to show more targetted information and boy the amount of info! And realtime too (well mostly). Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Am going to explore.

I may be some time.*

Is this cool or what?

* See what I did there?

PS — this is my second post today. I reserve the right to have it count for tomorrow on the Great Post-A-Day Endeavour.

2 thoughts on “L2Search the internet, EVE noob!

  1. I found Dotlan particularly useful in 0,0. People in 0,0 just seem to expect you to know your way around, to know where MCX is in relation to H-W. Having Dotlan made it so much easier.

    It’s also very powerful with regard to what the maps show. For my PI, which I’m doing in low sec I wanted a system with a low amount of player kills and pod kills. Using the show player ships killed in the last 24 hours and watching it over a few days I was able to confirm that my target system was indeed the quiet cul-de-sac it appeared to be.

  2. Lol. Glad to help. For the record, and your encounter with ganking notwithstanding, you’ll actually find a lot of people willing to help out in and around EvE. Feel free to drop me an EvE-mail and ask away. There is also a Help channel in-game, and the “EvE New Citizens Q&A” forum which is actually chock full of resources and folks to help answer questions.

    The grizzled ones only get annoyed with folks coming into the game with “unrealistic” expectations after experiencing other MMOs. Those folks tend to get “L2PNewb” thrown at them.

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