Fallen Earth – Say hello to my little friend

This is just for Harbinger Zero, who appears to believe I am not sufficiently geared up. Those screenies were a few weeks old — neener neener!

Airgun this!

Now I have an assault rifle too. Ho Ho Ho!

On a totally different note, I mourn the loss of Spyder’s top hat. I had this whole native American thing going and the top hat was very Josey Wales.

Not the hat!


Sadly, those bastard developers chose to be realistic and I can’t get a steel- or kevlar-lined, top-hat shaped piece of really good protective headgear. So instead I’m wearing some stupid padded helmet that was unfashionable 200 years ago when Ike was president. T-shirts and pants don’t go above 30 skill (ish) either. It actually makes perfect sense but dammit, I so wanted to be badass in Daisy Dukes*! (Ok maybe not, but definitely in a Grateful Dead T-shirt.)

Sheesh. The things I do for uberitude, eh? On the bright side, soon I get to wear a shiny blue batter’s helmet! Be still my heart.

* One day there will be a Secret World beta and I shall be in it. What, you thought I’d forgotten? Oh no! /sacrifice chicken

12 thoughts on “Fallen Earth – Say hello to my little friend

  1. What pants are those? How do the stats compare to Hide pants? I’m a little disappointed that shirts and pants stop improving at skill 30, while all other clothing items continue to get better with higher skills.

    1. Those are tactical pants — use 33.

      And yes, I’m disappointed about it too but I do get the reasoning behind it. You can’t make a T-shirt that will stop assault rifle bullets, or pants. I’m just hoping there will be some more interesting leg armour coming up because Leggz’ Armour use skill is at 70 so she’s definitely in need of some new gear. 😉

      That said — check out the Enhanced Armour book you get for science skill. The masks are fun and the enhanced jackets are rather nice too, esp the skill 69 and 75 ones.

    2. Oh and btw do you have an improved riding horse yet? I have a char who’s done the research and can churn em out. They’re 20 storage slots, 40k stam, 225 (I think) fuel efficiency and you almost never have to feed em especially if you have refresh and/or fortify.

      Cost is minimal now too — couple blues for the Untrained horse and that’s it. Everything else is made in-house. 😉 Let me know if you need one, or just mail Altair Jones.

      Am working on improved bikes…

  2. I stand corrected, that’s a lovely assault rifle! Bonus points for the (almost) Die Hard reference as well (“Now I have a *machine gun* too…ho, ho, ho.”)! (-:

    1. Oh come on, you seriously think I don’t know the quote? Fie on you. However, I do believe machine gun /= assault rifle. I was being accurate 😛

  3. Improved Riding Horse? Yeah, that was one of the first things I crafted. My current vehicle is a motorcycle, but I’ll have studied Improved Motorcycle by tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the biodiesel and electric versions. I’ve made some decent money making motorcycles for sale on the AH but I’m ready to move onto more advanced models.

    Enhanced Armor I is really nice, as is Enhanced Armor II; I’m hoping Advanced Enhanced Armor I will have some more masks since there don’t seem to be a lot of upgrades for my char’s gas mask.

    By the way, under Improved Legs I you’ll find some very nice Thigh armor pieces at Armorcraft 75.

    I don’t see why boots and belts can be made at higher skills but pants and shirts can’t. Isn’t it possible to weave kevlar or neoprene into shirts and pants? Or a fine wire mesh? Something? I mean, ok, tactical armor, helmets, and padding are clearly in another league, but the disparity between pants/shirts and boots/belts doesn’t really make sense to me.

    1. Good point. And if you’re not avoiding me in game (/sniffle) then send me a damn tell! Or let me know who you’re playing. There ain’t no such beast as “Foolsage” apparently. 😀

  4. I’m not avoiding you, honest!

    My char is “The Prof”, and he hit lvl 19 last night. Hopefully I’ll finish up with S1 in the next couple of days and move on to S2. New places to visit! New things to kill! NEW STUFF TO CRAFT! Booyeah!

  5. Hey, Ysh, glad to see you’re still going along in Fallen Earth! I’ve let my sub lapse because I’m going on vacation next week, but plan to get back in-game once I return. Slimm is around level 22 or so and sitting in Picus Ridge about half-way done with Improved ATV creation. See you on the flip side!

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