Snippets: Ragnar Tørnquist answers Ten Ton questions

Ten Ton Hammer’s premium members got to ask the Big Cheese some questions about The Secret World.

The piece doesn’t contain anything  particularly new and the questions aren’t necessarily the ones I’d have asked*, but that’s the case with most interviews. I’m mostly posting the link because it’s been a while since we had any TSW crumbs.

Diet-wise, the crumbs we’ve had in the last few months suck. Just sayin’. In fact, I’m going to stop reporting stuff that isn’t really stuff just so I can have the feeling I’m reporting stuff when there is no stuff.  If significant stuff happens (like a beta announcement) I’ll let you know.

In the meantime and speaking of which, here’s a quote from the interview.

centrik asks: I got into the TSW beta via that AoC subscription offer. On my AoC account page, I have the TSW beta icon thingy. When should I expect to hear more?

Ragnar: We haven’t made any announcements yet.

centrik asks:  Does this mean I’m guaranteed access at the beginning of the beta, or just at some point throughout the process?

Ragnar: We’re not ready to talk about this yet.

Sigh. One day there will be a beta and one day I shall be in it, even though I resisted their cheeky tricksy AoC subscription thing.

* In the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, here are a few questions I’d have asked:

— Would I be able to accomplish anything fun even if I only had 30-60 minutes to play?

— Is the game’s design going to funnel people into levelling (or progressing) as fast as possible in order to unlock end-game content they can then treadmill on for the next couple of years?

— What if I’m more interested in the social aspects of the game? Will there be fun stuff for me to do, say, six months into playing?

— What if I’m more interested in the crafting/production aspects of the game?

— Will there be player housing, if not at launch then at least someday? Will there be guild housing?

— Will there be vehicles/mounts/travel doohickeys? Will there be a need for such?

— How much instancing will TSW use, if any?

— How easy or difficult will TSW make it to help random people during gameplay? (My early MMO experiences in Asheron’s Call include lots of helping random strangers to recover corpses, get to certain places, make it past mobs, or just by throwing a few higher-level buffs on them. In EQ2, in contrast, you can “lock” your encounters — which means nobody can kill-steal, sure, but nobody can help you when the shit hits the fan, either. Personally I hate encounter-locking — it’s a sort of “fuck you, I don’t trust you to play nice, stay the hell away from meeee” type gameplay that’s the absolute opposite of what an MMO should be; and I say this as a confirmed soloer.)

— If I’m a Dragon and my best friend/sister/significant other/really smart dog decided to be Illuminati, would we still be able to play together? Would we be able to adventure together? Be in the same guilds? Do the same quests? If not, how will it differ? (And no dog who chooses Illuminati could be all that smart.)

— Will the game encourage / allow / discourage playing alts? Some games actively encourage it (EQ2), some actively discourage it (early SWG) and some don’t care (WoW).

— Will players be identifiable across alts, as they are in some current MMOs (by account handles instead of char handles, for instance)?

— I’ve heard blurb about the game changing over time. Is this just hype? Is it possible to make some changes (removing some quests, removing some NPCs) without going all Cataclysm on a game’s ass — and is that the kind of thing you plan to do?

— I can haz Beta spot?