Linkage — Fallen Earth for free

But they’re going fast so HURRY THE FUCK UP!

From Syp at BioBreak (and Massively) – just read and follow the links and destructions! You’ll get an email with download links and whatnot.

Note that I think this requires you to create a new account, though I’m not 100%. I didn’t want to waste time faffing around with it telling me I couldn’t use my old account (which was from beta and didn’t have any chars on it anyway).

EDIT — am in, have char. Look up Ysharros if you’re in game sometime. I thought I would use a cunning name nobody would ever expect. Sort of like the Spanish Inquisition, minus the fanatical devotion to the Pope.

2 thoughts on “Linkage — Fallen Earth for free

  1. They had like a 1000 of these today. The first 500 went in an hour then they got 500 more. I’m not sure if they finished those last 500 tho

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