EQ2 – Ode to New Halas Housing

EDIT May 4th — rawr, got a mention on the EQ2 Town Crier! (Well okay just a link, but I’m not proud!) Welcome new readers, whoever you are!

I fired up the Test server this week and took some pix of the houses available in New Halas. These are from the 4-room, 3g/week rent place, but the deco is of course similar in all of them.

Click on a pic to see it at 1920×1200

Bay window of main room as seen from entrance
Built-in shelving in side room, main floor
Cupboard for the people under the stairs. Or brooms. Or halflings.
Upstairs room (larger houses have 2 of these and the fireplaces connect)
View downstairs from the upper gallery

As far as I’m concerned these rock seven shades of win and I shall be moving my good chars there most skosh. I only wish my evil chars could live there too; even evil people like relaxing surroundings, built-in storage, and fireplaces!

16 thoughts on “EQ2 – Ode to New Halas Housing

  1. Heyo.

    So my current main character is a 20 Sarnak Shadowknight.

    And I REALLY want to live in Halas. Do I have to betray him so he can get Halas housing? That turns him into a Paladin, right?

    What do I do to get from Gorowyn to Halas in the Game Update?

    1. Note that this isn’t live yet — won’t be for a month or so I’m guessing. But yeah, if you want to move to New Halas you’re going to have to betray, and that’ll turn you into a Paladin.

      You’ll just have to give in to your altitis! 😀

      As for travel, once the update goes live you’ll be able to get to New Halas using… whatever travel method they end up with. I think currently I had to fly from Butcherblock, but don’t quote me as that’s probably still subject to change.

      1. Ah. Well, I’m in no rush, really. 🙂 I overspent last month because I bought Eberron 3.5 RPG books, so I temporarily stopped my subscription to EQ2 until I can recoup my losses or fix my budget.

        How does the Paladin play, exactly? Is he like a tanking healer, whereas the Shadowknight is Tanking DPS? I personally dislike healing for groups, which is why I’m worried. Am tempted to reroll something else, as I kinda dislike my old Froglok Monk and use him for storage now.

      2. If you don’t like the monk you might want to just reroll him entirely — I speak from experience. That said, I didn’t like my monk at all either until she hit the mid-20s, at which point she got a lot more interesting to play.

        As far as I know the pally is a healing tank, aye, though I’m not sure their healing in any way compares to the healing classes. My own pally is only 30 or so, so it’s hard to tell. Maybe someone with more pally experience who reads this will be able to comment. 😉

        EDIT — you do have 7 charslots, too. Personally I wouldn’t betray the SK, they’re too much fun (until they get hit with the giant nerfbat).

    2. You could get someone else or another account to buy the house for you and give you trustee status.

  2. I’ve only used up 4 slots at the moment, a Froglok Monk, 2 Sarnak Shadowknights (Different tradeskills, and one was a test during the trial), and a Ratonga Fury.

    I love the Shadowknight, personally. Plays in a manner that I prefer over that of the Fury. However, I don’t really have the inclination to make tons of alts, so I have to settle on creating a character design I like (Sarnaks) and molding myself into accepting where that takes me, which in this case would be to New Halas and Paladin street. 🙂

    1. Again, the fury doesn’t really start coming into its own till the late 20s (at 23 you get your primary nuke, and then you get some other funky stuff through the 30s and 40s), so it can take a while before you really get a feel for the class. But then, I’m biased. 😀

      But yes, the Shadowknight is a barrel of fun. I’ve been levelling one and she’s 42 right now and can take on ^^^ heroics with relative ease (i.e. a chance of surviving). Greens are easy, blues can be done, and higher up depends on a ton of luck and would probably need better equipment than I’m using with her. One piece of advice I *can* now give regarding SKs is get AAs, lots of them, as soon as you can. They really beef up the class (start with the Crusader STR line and then work down to Reaver in the SK tab).

  3. I created an ogre bruiser and a ratonga inquisitor both of whom are betraying at 10 to move to Halas – with two accounts I have far more alts than I can actually play. Even so I still want a Sarnak and dark elf … but alas I’m running out of characters to delete :/ (I can’t bring myself to delete any character I’ve had a while and developed any sort of affinity for, even if I rarely play them.)

    As far as paladins, they are not expected to heal for groups; mostly their heals are for themselves during emergencies.

    1. Ahhh hi Sev and welcome, fellow altoholic. Did you know I’ve sprung for the Station Pass for a few months so I can go bananas? 😉

      So right now I’m going bananas on Test making a quintillion alts. And messing with my UI… AGAIN. 😛

  4. And if I seem to be lurking here only to spring on comments, it’s because I’m waiting on a conf call. Am waiting for work to start.


    (I am!)

  5. okay, I am getting one, end of story. Just need to find someone to make me a personal harvest depot now.

  6. Those are some nice screenshots. They make my hole-in-the-wall in Gorowyn look like a hole-in-the-wall.

  7. Seems odd to make New Halas a good only region, given both its history as the home of a neutral people. Also, isn’t the Gorowyn housing open to both good and evil? Seems like they’d offer the same of Halas even if it does have a good tint to match Gorowyn’s evil tint.

    1. Nah. the way I’ve see it so far is housing in a given city is available only to *citizens* of that city – and you can’t become a citizen of Gorowyn unless you’re evil, so you can’t get housing there if you’re good. You can cruise around inside, just like you can in Kelethin — though I think the NPCs aren’t as snotty about selling to you in Goro as they are in Kel — but you can’t buy a house.

      I think the pairings are supposed to be as follows: Qeynos/Freeport, Kelethin/Gorowyn (G/E with neutral guards), New Halas/Neriak. Neriak certainly isn’t neutral in any way shape or form to good chars. On the upside, from what I saw the guards in New Halas are kind of low level, so it might be possible to just ignore them if you’re an evil char. It won’t let you buy a house there but you’ll be able to bimble around in town.

  8. I wish my evil characters could live in Halas… my main is Evil *Cry*. Guess I’ll be moving an alt there.

  9. Evil characters CAN live in New Halas. Create a Good bank alt and great your evil characters trustee access. Your evil characters can do whatever they want with the house – even place their own LORE and NO-TRADE house items.

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