EQ2 – Ode to New Halas Housing

EDIT May 4th — rawr, got a mention on the EQ2 Town Crier! (Well okay just a link, but I’m not proud!) Welcome new readers, whoever you are!

I fired up the Test server this week and took some pix of the houses available in New Halas. These are from the 4-room, 3g/week rent place, but the deco is of course similar in all of them.

Click on a pic to see it at 1920×1200

Bay window of main room as seen from entrance
Built-in shelving in side room, main floor
Cupboard for the people under the stairs. Or brooms. Or halflings.
Upstairs room (larger houses have 2 of these and the fireplaces connect)
View downstairs from the upper gallery

As far as I’m concerned these rock seven shades of win and I shall be moving my good chars there most skosh. I only wish my evil chars could live there too; even evil people like relaxing surroundings, built-in storage, and fireplaces!