EQ2 – Mount this!

Arkenor once again gets the credit for actually paying attention, so this is really just a linky.

Listos-version, as those of us who are too freaking old to say TL;DR without feeling unbelievably rude would say: mounts are saved, with the options so many people asked for. It’ll be CLIENT based which means you can set how you want to see mounts and Bob can set how he wants to see mounts. Three settings: off during combat (default), always off, always on. Ta-da! Yay devs! Yay community! Pie for all!

On the other hand, I was on the test server just now and they’re bringing it down in about 5 minutes. Surely they can’t be reversing the change that quickly? Actually, given the myriad bugs currently being reported for the New Halas content (nothing huuuuge that I saw, just your usual run of the mill “WTF is going on with my quest?!” buggage), it’s possible that’s just some other bugfix.

I’ve got a post coming up tomorrow with some New Halas housing screenies I took, but two posts a day is about my limit. Wouldn’t want Syp to start feeling underproductive.

Give me my mount back or I'll broodingly stare you to death. I will!

3 thoughts on “EQ2 – Mount this!

  1. Yes, I saw this update from Smokejumper last night and I have to give them credit. I was disappointed with the mount change, but now they’ve changed it so we have the power to choose what we want to see and have more options to boot!

    I’m a jaded old gamer prone to be untrusting of Producers, but I have to give him points for this one. Let’s hope this type of communication and responsiveness continues!

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