If you’re not the front end of the horse…

This post is not MMO-specific. I’ve seen this behaviour everywhere and I hear it expressed quite frequently by the people I read or talk with. My problem is I just don’t get it.

So some people would rather not play a certain class because it’s currently popular — even if it’s fun? Oh wait, especially if it’s fun?

I’m sorry. I just don’t get that.

Then again, I also don’t get the need to make sure my sneakers are the wtfbbqzomgcool latest ones and/or different from everyone else’s.  Or my clothes. Or my cellphone.

Seriously — if a class is fun, who the hell cares how many other people are playing it? If a class isn’t fun, are you somehow more Iron Man Gamer for picking it up? If a class is misunderstood and challenging and whatnot, that’s another matter; but not playing a given char class because lots of other people already are? Really? Damn. I guess I need to stop playing Hold’em then, it’s too freaking popular.

More to the point: just because something is popular doesn’t make it inherently bad, or easy to master, or unchallenging. And just because something is unpopular doesn’t make it inherently good. Nor does it make it an inherently good choice. Unless all one cares about is standing out — which I guess is a mindset I just can’t get my head around. I’m not a sheep, but I’m damn sure not going to wrap myself in plastic wrap and sit outside on a hot day just because it’s SO not flavour of the month.

This whole concern with rarity in MMOs is excessive if it makes players cut off their noses to spite their faces. We pay for these things — paying for them and then caring more about what other people think of you than about how much fun you’re having is just mind-boggling.


That is all.