EQ2 – Even more things come to pass

A year ago — when I came back to EQ2 and picked Fairuza back up at level 36 or so — I’d have laughed if someone told me I’d be max level someday. I’ve done it before, though admittedly rarely, but it’s just not something that’s all that important to me. At least as far as adventuring goes. Crafting, now that’s another matter, and if you know me you already know maxing crafters is one of the things I do.

But adventuring — not so much. I just don’t care enough about it to work at it very hard. If it happens as I’m doing other stuff then fine, it’s not like I’m going to throw the level fish back in the pond, but I don’t particularly go out just to level.

And then when Fair hit the mid 70s she sort of ground to a halt adventuring-xp wise anyway, as I’ve already griped about previously, so I was more or less resigned to not hitting the (old) level cap. Then the expansion came out and raised that to 90.

Then, a few days ago, I had an epiphany. A minor one, anyway, since it’s something I tell others to do regularly and yet that somehow didn’t occur to me for several months. Here it is: If you’re having a horrible time in a particular zone, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Not exactly rocket science, is it? Well apparently for Fairuza it is, and it took forever before she said “Sod you for a game of darts” to the Fens of Nathsar and got her ass up to the Moors of Ykesha.

I like the Moors — it’s wide open (albeit a bit brown or — depending where you are — a bit bluegrey), it’s really easy to navigate and the mobs, while plentiful, aren’t so damn thick on the ground that you have to be an Olympic Slalom expert to be able to get from A to B. So I putzed about in the Moors a bit, enjoying the fact that it wasn’t the Fracking Fens of Freaking Nathsar. When my guildies told me that if I could handle Ykesha I could certainly handle the new Sentinel’s Fate content, I hopped up to Paineel, took some anti-nausea tablets, and went about racking up some questy goodness.

Long story short, there is a LOT of questy goodness up there. I don’t actually feel like I had to d anything particularly fighty — and certainly nothing grindy — and yet here I am, level 80 for the first time in my adventuring life. I know, it’s not the max anymore, but it was not too long ago and for me it’s a great achievement. I’m proud of myself.

Now I can go back to slacking off and getting my crafter epic weapon of evaccy goodness.