Things do come to pass

Almost a year ago I was wondering whether people would pay less for a game if it meant they got less playtime — rather than paying $15 a month for unlimited access. This is one such post, and here’s another, though there were others and I’m just too lazy to go look for them.

Well anyway, it’s happened. I just got this in the mail from the Everquest II team:

It’s not perfect, because it’s not X amount of time over a 30 day period, but rather 3 consecutive days, but it’s a first step. I know tons of people who’d make use of something like this — pay your 5 bucks, get a weekend’s worth of being able to check in on a game, hook up with old friends, and see what’s new.

It’s also not a bad way of trying before you buy back in.

If more games start offering this kind of thing, I can actually see myself playing more than one game. I don’t want to buy a whole sub to EVE because I don’t think I’d play it enough — granted, $15 a month really isn’t much but when it’s $15 a month for 4 games it does start to add up. 5$ a month for 4 games, on the other hand, is only a little more than one monthly sub and should provide plenty of game time.

Like I said, the only downside I can see to this is that the days have to be consecutive. I expect it’s probably easier to keep track of (start now, expire now +3 days) but it’s not like it’s hard to keep track of playtime either. I’m sure it wouldn’t buy you 72 hours of playtime (yeesh! I’d be all over that!), but they could have done $5 buys you 5, 10, or 15 hours.

Still, it’s a start. Thumbs up to the EQ2 peeps!