Quote of the Day: QQ Lava boy, QQ!

Since Syp is busy welcoming his newest progeny (yay!), I’m going to steal his Quote of the Day thing.

Today’s is from Tamarind, who is worth quoting (in full) on any day of the week, but who actually made me spray coffee this morning. Coffee spray is win. This is regarding proposed Priest changes in WoW (I assume), and it’s worth reading the whole thing for moar chuckley cowbell.

Also why the hell is it called chakra? I suppose ’serendipity’ was pretty arbitrary anyway but I thought the general theme of the priest class was, was, y’know, psuedo-high church? Quick, pass me my healing crystal and my flower garland, I’m about to cast Flash of Homoeopathy.

Here’s the full kit n kaboodle. If you don’t read Righteous Orbs yet, you should.

And finally, not because there’s any fail in the Orbs (though maybe in the priest changes), but just because it also made me laugh: