How Does My Bartle Grow?

Hrmph. Apparently I’ve become less sociable.

Click to take test

For the last decade or so since I first heard of and took that test I’ve been firmly S E A (with the usual 0% K). Guess I’m becoming misanthropic.

I’m surprised. I don’t feel like much of an explorer these days — then again the test has always been about how you would behave in given situations, not how you’re actually behaving in your current game of choice.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

14 thoughts on “How Does My Bartle Grow?

  1. I should take that quiz again too. I think I’ve become a partial killer type. 😀

  2. Anyone notice the similarities between Farmville and EQ2 crafting?

    SOE should sue…

    (Sorry, Ysh, this post inspired that thought)

    1. LOL Sorry Teki, for some reason it spammed your comments. Hence the delay.

      WTF dude, you trying to sell me Russian watches or organ enhancements?!

  3. Still an ESAK myself (93/60/33/13), don’t remember how much the numbers changed since I took the test last time, a few years ago.

  4. EASK is me! [80/53/53/13].

    Unfortunately, I haven’t the foggiest idea what I used to be, anymore. It’s been that long since I took one of these.

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