Aieee! The Secret World information blackout lifted!

This is the forum post. It haz linkage.

This is the linkage:

Teaser trailer (IGN)

IGN article

Ten Ton Hammer


Voodoo Extreme



— And the Monsters of Maine blog

No, I haven’t read all those. Yet.

The teaser trailer is just that… a big freaking tease. Bastards!

You’ll have to excuse me; I’m off to buy more chickens to sacrifice. There will be a beta and I will be in it.

5 thoughts on “Aieee! The Secret World information blackout lifted!

  1. This news and reveal has absorbed my morning. Good stuff.

    Although, I’m wondering how you’re taking the news that it is based so much on combat?

    1. They talk about crafting being important here and there. 😀 The Massively article is the best one, for my money anyway, now that I’ve read all of them.

      Besides, I’m not anti-combat… I just don’t like to do it all the time. We’ll see what other activities are on offer eventually, I hope! Oh, and the deck-of-skills type gameplay is intriguing too (lots of people are comparing it to Guild Wars atm).

  2. I think it is The Secret World, and not Star Wars: The Old Republic, that will compete most for my attention versus Guild Wars 2 in 2011 (if it comes out in 2011). It just sounds so incredible….. *mesmerized*

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