8 thoughts on “Less is more?

  1. I think the traffic thing has something to do with Google searching on what is posting on your main page. I’m not really sure though. Eventually your traffic will go down if you don’t post for a long enough time.

    And I haven’t thought of Misha in years. Nice to know he’s expanded his selection of ClueBats.

  2. The mathematical explanation is simple. The traffic is an inverse function of number of electrons in the universe that are in multiple locations at the same time.

    Seriously… if you write for hits, pick political, celeb, and religious subjects. If you write for yourself, don’t worry about it…. and take heart in the people who appreciate your style, and seek out your words.

    Suggestion for the title of your next article: “Was Jesus a homosexual?”.


    1. Oh hell no, not for hits. I was just intrigued by the obvious correlation in the last few days. It was like posting made people leave.

      Which suits my slackassery! 😀

    1. Haha, I only know because wordpress makes it really obvious, it’s the first thing you see when you open the dashboard. I could move things around, but the last time I tried that I made an unholy mess, so I just leave it as it is now. 😀

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