Myst Online: Uru Live reopens

I never actually got round to playing this for one reason or another, but I loved the original with a passion back in the dawn of man (the 90s) and I may just give it a spin.

It’s free — whatcha got to lose?

Oh wait, am losing my intarw3bz connection in 2 days. Won’t have it back for… however long it takes the Cable Guy to work his magic. Oops.

Props to Virtual Cultures’ Gamegrrrl for the news. That’s two of us — girls, and excited. Rawr!

6 thoughts on “Myst Online: Uru Live reopens

  1. I’m looking forward to this myself. I played for two days when it was on GameTap. Only 2 days because I found it just 2 days before they shut it down.

  2. Never played any of the Myst games, but sounds like something I would enjoy playing. Will have to try it out, thanks for the info 😉

  3. OOh, I must check this one out. I’m still not sure how they manage to make the lovely puzzle-based gaming of the source material work in an MMO “googleit” world.

  4. I went to the website, but could not figure out what this game is about for the life of me…. 🙁


    1. Oh good. Not just me then. Currently stuck at the bottom of a ravine (movement controls are gawd-awful!) as apparently there is a message there for me. Can I find it? Can I bog-roll!

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