Linkage: The Secret World Kingsmouth Trailer

Can you say Cthulhu H.P. Lovecraft Kingsmouth?  A charming little town in New England that hides nasty (smelly, brain-eating, possibly reanimated) little secrets.

Or: The Secret World, how to give your fans tidbits while making sure they keep drooling for more! It’s a trailer, like the title says. Safe for work as far as I’m concerned, unless freaky sounds coming out of your machine might cause undesirable levels of coworker interest. Oh, and I work from home so YMMV.

You’ll see links to other trailers for the factions and whatnot, too.

The comments (on the Gamespot site, same link) are amusingly predictable.  Given how the hype has been managed, I don’t expect to see gameplay videos for a while, which is undoubtedly going to lead to accusations of vaporware. I choose to remain optimistic.

I tell ya, there had better be a beta soon and I’d better get a spot for it. Am still working on the bribe angle.

2 thoughts on “Linkage: The Secret World Kingsmouth Trailer

  1. This is one of the betas Im signed up to as well, knowing funcoms record with Conan I’m not going to hold my breath on it being polished/working on release but I do want to be in the beta to try and help them get it to a decent standard and the best it can be.

    Im actually more excited about TSW than SW:ToR for some reason.

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