Movers and Shakers

As a few of you will know from other sources already, this last week has been unexpectedly busy. An unplanned trip to Albquerque (gotta love wild, insomnia-inspired ideas!) ended up with us seeing a lovely house we would otherwise almost certainly have missed out on, and having a shiny new lease on Monday morning.

Since then we’ve been alternately packing and interviewing movers.

The plan — or so the spousal unit tells me — is for stuff to be picked up around the 11th and for us to drive up to ABQ in time to start our lease on its very first day, which is the 15th. We’re in a 3-bedroom house and although we don’t quite have 3 bedrooms’ worth of furniture, we still have a respectable amount of stuff. 2 weeks seems awful short to me.

So, there is much to do, and blog posting probably won’t be too high on my agenda. Even if it were, I most likely won’t be playing anything and won’t be following news all that closely. I’ll try to give signs of life so your RSS feeds don’t get too lonely — though if they’re anything like mine, those syndicated posts breed like bloody rabbits. What’s with these people, posting all the damn time?!

Murphy’s Gaming Law being what it is, it looks like I’ll be missing the early start of EQ2’s expansion, though I’m not sure I even have the date right on that one. If memory serves and it does come out on the 16th then my timing really sucks, since I preordered the CE version and was planning to pick it up from my local GameStop (which happens to be a really good store, despite what one hears about them generally).

Ah well. C’est la vie.

5 thoughts on “Movers and Shakers

  1. Enjoy your new house! And, assuming you are like me in this way, I hope you stay there a VERY long time!

    (Back to lurk-mode)

    1. *twitch* Stressful? *twitch* I don’t know what you *twitch* mean!

      Just a bit, yeah! 😀 But I’m also getting some serious sleepage in, and since I tend to insomnia it’s actually rather nice. Nothing beats being too tired to move for getting to sleep!

  2. ABQ, eh? Long time lurker/reader who rarely posts anywhere would like to welcome you to New Mexico! I live in Farmington, which is about 200 miles north of ABQ. If you ever decide to come up to the Four Corners area please feel free to send me an email. As a stay at home mom my schedule is always open and there are some really neat sights to see and annual events around the area.

    1. Thanks for the welcome, and, er, welcome to the blog? 😀 I’ll definitely bear the offer in mind — we’ve ended up knowing quite a few people here in NM it seems, and we definitely intend to do the touristy thing. For the time being though, I’ll just be glad to have some of these boxes unpacked…

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