EQ2: Eye of the levelling beholder

Excuse me while I laugh hysterically.

{EQ2} Patch Notes
Posted on: January 20, 2010
We have taken a look at the experience required to gain levels and made some adjustments. Leveling from 1-65 will still require the same overall amount of experience, but the experience required at certain levels has changed.  There were certain levels that required much more experience than others, but now the progression should be much steadier. Leveling to 65-75 should be a bit faster now for two reasons.  The first is that required experience was lowered some.  The second is that quests should give slightly more experience in this range now.

Fairuza hit 75 a couple of days ago. Hee hee, ho ho.

In any case, I’ve decided I cannot be arsed to actually, actively get 0.1% of level per kill and 1.8% per quest turn-in — and that with vitality, which doubles kill xp — so Fairuza’s adventuring days are more or less over. I’ll bimble around as usual, and if that means questing a bit and killing a bit of stuff, fine, but I’m not going to tie myself into knots thinking I should work to get to 80 just because it’s there and everyone else does it.

I don’t need any of my characters to be max level (adventuring, anyway), and I shouldn’t do something in a game if it feels more like work than fun. That’s basic MMO and game in general philosophy. Why pay for fun that isn’t? So, do what’s fun!

Oddly enough my experience of levels 65-72 was that they went really quickly — I actually did some quests that were my level, discovered new zones and funky new monsters, had fun, and *poof* there they were. At 72 someone pulled the emergency brake when I wasn’t looking, and 72-75 have been an incredible — and increasingly boring — slog. Which leads me to conclude that it may not be the pacing so much as my own mental state, which in any case informs one’s gaming experience far more than we usually give it credit for.

Yes, there are things I could do to speed things up a little. I’ve got some adventuring potions which I’ve never used, so I have a fair few of them. But meh, that’s like bonus xp weekends with a shorter gogogo! deadline (they last an hour). I could get into some groups — even our smallish guild has some pretty leet adventuring types — and get help. That feels a little like charity though, and I don’t care enough about it to impose on people for it. Similarly, I don’t care enough for dungeons to do that for its own sake or for its entertainment value, especially since the latter is very low for me.

So if you can’t change the situation, change how you react to it. Who needs to level anyway? I’ve said elsewhere that I can do just about anything I want to do in EQ2 as I am — and I’ve been able to for 40-odd levels, provided I don’t mind the occasional sudden death.

It’s not what happens, it’s what you do about it. (Occasional venting for the sake of blog material allowed.)