Linkage: There is no New. Move along.

New? There is no new in MMOs!

During the recent discussion here about “what’s new in MMOs“, evizaer raised an interesting point that I think merits further thought: aren’t all the “innovations” in MMOs really just small iterative steps along a fairly clearly illuminated preexisting path?  That is to say, what truly new ideas could possibly exist in MMOs?

Also contains links to That’s a Terrible Idea, which is a very interesting site in itself, so you get twice the linkage for half the money! Or something.

More to the point, I only caught Foolsage’s article late Friday night — what’s up with that? Who posts interesting stuff on Friday nights?! — and this is by way of reminding myself it’s out there. And you lot. Good posts over there.

If you’re new to the discussion, this is roughly chronological:

Brian “Psychochild” Green starts it all. Don’t let him tell you it was like that when he found it.

Foolsage is inspired: “What’s ‘New’ in MMOs?”

Evizaer chips in: The Imitation Rut

If you don’t read those blogs, now’s a good time to start.

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  1. I never post articles on Friday nights; I wrote that during the day. ‘Course you’re a couple of hours East of here, so that pushed it back a bit. 😉

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