Don’t quote me

Did I say I wasn’t going to do any more beta tests? Me? Surely not.

You’re imagining things.

It’s Lars’ fault at MMOMent of Zen for mentioning that he was looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV. “XIV?” thought I. “Surely he means XIII, which just came out but isn’t an MMO?” Goes to show what a newb I am and how far Final Fantasy in general had dropped off my radar. As I said t’other day, I always enjoyed FF stuff but I was never a rabid fan — but then, I’m not really a rabid fan about games in general, because said rabidity usually seems to involve wearing all kinds of blinkers and being all kinds of asshat.

Nonetheless, that small difference in numerals sent me over to Google, where I quickly confirmed that I am a clueless newb and that there is a new FF MMO in development; and Lars was, or course, entirely right with the numbers. So I clickied on linkies and after a few “where the hell in the world are you, byotch, we’re a huge company and you have to narrow things down unless you can read kanji, m’kay?” I eventually ended up on the North American FF XIV page.

And I suddenly remembered one of the things I always did love about Final Fantasy, which is how damned ridiculously pretty it is.

That’s art from the main site, I don’t think it’s a game screenshot, but DAMN! The amount of texture detail there is one of the things I love about the relentless march of computing progress. And I like maps so this one was a no-brainer.

Long story short, I saw the BETA HERE!!! button on the main site page and, being the monkey-ridden MMO addict that I am, I had to click it, and seven short hours later I had applied for beta.

Okay, maybe not seven, but I do feel as though I just got grilled by some MMO-making company equivalent of the Gestapo. “You will NOT be able to change your answers after they are given!” “You MUST have a Square Enix account before you apply for beta.” “It is vital to us to know what your middle name is, so yes, it’s mandatory you slippery fecking player!”

Many many system details needed. Be easier to just send ’em a dxdiag file, wouldn’t it? Not beta rocket science, but okay, I looked up all the relevant data and ticked all the little boxes, making sure I got it right because if I didn’t IT COULDN’T BE CHANGED and if I screwed up real bad and tried to apply again I would automatically be REJECTED! So, caveat emptor.

“How much do you love the FF series?” (I’m paraphrasing.) On a scale of 1-100. So… what brain-dead flatworm is going to put 13 in there, or 47, or anything less than 100? Talk about trick questions! Which makes me a brain-dead flatworm because I answered it honestly and gave it an 80. I do like the FF series and I enjoy playing them when I do, but I don’t lie awake at night waiting for the next one or trying to figure out how I can turn Sephiroth into a real boy.

And finally a question I don’t think I’ve seen before on a beta app: “Do you run a fan site?” Weeelll… kinda-sorta. I don’t think this blog is a fan site per se, but in the interests of full disclosure I gave them the URL anyway. I now fully expect never to get a beta invite.

As far as I can tell the release date is 2010, no other details. Anyone with more info is more than welcome to enlighten me.

8 thoughts on “Don’t quote me

  1. Wotcha Ysharros,
    Good luck with your beta application! And with the fan site! πŸ˜‰

  2. The details are all very fuzzy, cause most of them are translated from interviews that were vague enough to begin with BEFORE they were translated from the Japanese. Here’s what I know:

    – The new FF will be set on a different world, but the races will appear cosmetically similar for the benefit of players of FFXI.

    – The devs claim that it will be possible to solo, and are designing a system that sounds kinda like LOTRO skirmishes, which will teleport you to some form of scaling possibly instanced content that can be completed by the under-one-hour crowd. It sounds like there will also be some form of NPC teleportation with a cooldown, but the details aren’t all that specific.

    – They’re re-doing the job system, as is traditional with FF games. It kind of sounds like FFX-2’s job system, but that might be a translation stretch. They did say that crafting would be a separate job, so perhaps EQ2 crafting will finally have a run for its money.

    – There are rumblings that make it sound like they’re considering doing without traditional EXP/levels, but this was exceptionally fuzzy.

  3. That fansite question is always a tricky one to answer. I ponder the question, and wonder how they want me to answer it.

    I think it may have been Warhammer, or maybe it is another beta I was thinking about but all the fansites got beta invites. I guess they wanted it to go viral once the NDA is lifted.

    On the other hand you may think they don’t want fansites because most bloggers seem to have a negative side to them.

    In Aion a fansite had to be much more than a blog. You had to have reviews, aion banner on your front page, forums, and more to be considered a fansite, and not just a blog.

    Anyways good luck with getting into the beta.

    1. “In Aion a fansite had to be much more than a blog.”

      Right, which is why I don’t consider this blog a fansite. I deal with whatever game I happen to be playing at the time, but I’m not dedicated to any single game and I don’t evangelise about any single game. More to the point, I want to reserve the right to complain about or critique the games I’m playing and I’ve noticed that’s not always the case on dedicated fan sites.

      Enthusiastic I can be. Sycophantic, I’d rather not. If that costs me a beta spot I’m not particularly fussed. In any case I suspect it’s more likely with a view to viral marketing, as you point out.

  4. The quality of the artwork for Final Fantasy has always been superb. I’m not an anime fan as such, but I love the artwork of Akihiko Yoshida. Final Fantasy Tactics (for PS1) is my favourite from that universe.

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ll be disqualified simply because I work in the game industry. Why they have me answer questions beyond that point, I don’t know, but I figured I’d give them some data to chew on.

  6. I signed up for the FFXIV beta too, but just because I love Final Fantasy. Sometimes I think I should answer the 1-100 question with a 90 or 95 or so, maybe to prompt them to invite me to see if they can reclaim that 5-10%, but I usually just answer honestly and put 100%. I’ve played them all, beat them all, love them all.

    I’d play FFXI if I had a solid perma-group, since that’s the only way you can play πŸ˜› I look forward to the changes and I’ll definitely be playing when it drops, though I may go PS3 on it.

    1. I answered with a 95, since I despise the forced grouping and subscription model of FFXI. The rest, though, I’m pretty happy with…

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