Fallen London

I haven’t really got into the whole browser- and turn-based game thing, of which I gather there are a slew out there. Last year I did play Nile Online for a while, and it did spur me to buy a couple of Tilted Mill games; I didn’t play those for long but they were enjoyable while they lasted.

Yesterday, however, a rare tweet from an old friend with mysterious and baroque tastes intrigued me enough to follow it to Echo Bazaar. (I thought it was called Fallen London, but I guess not!) I’m still not sure what to make of it, which means I’m not sure how to describe it. I do like it though, so far.

  • It’s sort of flavoured like Cthulhu by Gaslight meets Carnivale — it’s not the world as we know it, but it’s close enough to be recogniseable. It’s Victorian in theme.
  • You make a character who has 4 stats: Dangerous (STR), Watchful (INT), Persuasive (CHA) and Shadowy (AGI) which can be raised over time through actions. Actions involve one or more of these stats.
  • You get up to 10 actions at a time, which are presented as parts of a story plot, and which refill gradually during the day. You can take up to 70 actions in a day; if you do more, you’ll become exhausted and actions will refresh more slowly.
  • There are various ways to refresh one’s action pool, from tweeting (once/day) to spending Fate Points, which can be bought with real money.
  • It’s strange. Here’s the FAQ, which probably does a better job of explaining than I do.

Intriguing little game. I wasn’t able to concentrate on it much last night because of RL interventions, but that may in the end have been a good thing. Given the limited action pool, this isn’t a game one should play obsessively but rather one you check now and then. I think. As it is, I used up my 10 stored actions in seconds this morning, so now I’m waiting for my pool to replenish. It feels oddly like the serialised novels that were so popular during the Victorian age. Tune in next week for more exciting adventures!

Check it out. But remember — just because you can tweet a bunch of stuff from that game at the click of a button doesn’t mean you should.

4 thoughts on “Fallen London

  1. I’ve started playing this now. It’s a nice little game. A few of my LOTRO kinmates on my twitter feed are playing it too.

  2. Just started playing this a few days ago following a tweet from a contact. It appeals to both my steampunkish tastes and my interests in the Cthulhu mythos and other Lovecraftiana. I’m a long-time fan of online text games, too. I just wish there was more space for open-ended interaction with other players. But it’s a well-conceived parallel domain.

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