My blog foo must be strong

Just got this in the mail. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m always a little surprised to get this stuff. I’m not a game journalist — I’m not even a serious game writer-abouter (among other things, because I make up strange words and expressions). It’s flattering, I’ll admit.

So anyway, prepare to be informed! I’m pretty sure I hadn’t heard about this game before except in passing, though the company is hardly unknown. The website is a little zomgbright! for me, but hey, I’m getting more and more cronelike and what the hell do I know what appeals to youngsters these days? Uphill! In the snow! Read on…

KUNG FOO! takes it to the next level with closed beta

January 7, 2010 – Redwood City, Calif. – Perfect World Entertainment today announced that its upcoming MMO, Kung Foo!, is now in closed beta. Scripted by special guest and highly acclaimed comic book writer, Devin Grayson, best known for her work on Batman: Gotham Knights, Nightwing and the Vertigo miniseries, USER, Kung Foo! is filled with loot, laughter and loquacious NPCs. Based on popular MMO in China, Legend of Martial Arts, Kung Foo! aims to set itself apart from other traditional MMOs by parodying the experience of playing an MMO while at the same time being one; a conceit that will help introduce new players to the genre as well as appeal to veterans already seeped in MMO culture.

Kung Foo! is one of the first MMOs to address those funny quirks and has no qualms in making fun of the genre in which it resides,” said Craig Beers, product manager for Kung Foo! “Regardless of what type of player you are, Kung Foo! offers everything players have come to expect from Perfect World Entertainment’s quality, free-to-play MMOs.”

Kung Foo! has been a completely unique experience for me,” said Devin Grayson, special guest writer for Kung Foo! “As a gamer myself, I wanted Kung Foo! to incorporate inside jokes for veteran players, but also to work as a primer for people completely new to the concept of playing this way online. One of my goals in writing Kung Foo! was to make the NPC dialogue compelling, so that players might actually look forward to handing in their quests instead of considering it part of the grind.”

Kung Foo! will offer comical features and quests including:

  • Martial Art Disciplines – 7 available to master at launch; including ‘Grasshopper’, ‘Sharpy’, ‘Mager’, ‘Tank’, ‘Slasher’, ‘Medico’ and ‘Augurer’
  • Themed Zones – 6 available to explore at launch; including Panda Province, Snaf Foo, Fuzzy Forest, Zui Quan Village, Realm of Darkness and Enchanted Glade
  • Hilarious Quests – Hundreds of quests to choose from to help channel your inner foo
  • Character Customization/Mounts – Mix and match your character; be a street punk, cowboy or a bit of both… while riding a crab mount with boxing gloves
  • Crafting – For those few killer items that don’t fall from the sky
  • PvP – For those who don’t play nicely with others
  • Pets – Never fight alone in the dark again
  • Transformations – Become a fierce, fiery dragon or a steaming pile of poop
  • Dungeons – featuring hundreds of terrifying and despicably adorable mobs to slay

Gamers interested in joining the closed beta or for more information on Kung Foo! can visit

About Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment, a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), publishes free-to-play, online games and provides online services in North America. The Company primarily publishes three-dimensional, or 3D, online games based on the Perfect World proprietary Angelica 3D game engine and game development platform. The Company’s releases include “Ether Saga Online,” “Jade Dynasty” and “Perfect World International,” a free-to-play MMORPG which is currently played by millions of people worldwide; and single player action RPG “Torchlight.”

10 thoughts on “My blog foo must be strong

  1. Perfect World do make nice looking games with some neat features – but also grindy.

    So probably a lot of mob killing to advance, but perhaps also a number of neat features around it.

    1. Yeah, I figured we’ll see. I do like the press release’s emphasis on humour — let’s hope it’s not drowned out by grind! I also like that the artist is a woman — don’t see that too often these days in the gaming world generally, nor on the comic world for that matter.

  2. I got that, too. A day after a press release for Fallen Earth. Somebody has been prowling the web looking for good little bloggers to get the word out about their games.

    Nothing wrong with that; I have my email posted on my blog for just that sort of thing. I don’t have time for much gaming these days, though. 🙁

    Here’s hoping they pull off a good game. Rabbit kung fu sounds like it could scratch the Kung Fu Panda itch, and the humor could be a nice selling point.

    1. “Rabbit kung fu sounds like it could scratch the Kung Fu Panda itch, and the humor could be a nice selling point.”

      My thoughts exactly. Sadly, I am having trouble registering for the site and have had to send in a ticket, hah!

      gogogogogo!………………………screeching halt.

      “Hurry up and wait” is the universe’s official motto, I think.

  3. Hmmm I just got that email too. I think it’s probably too cutesy for me, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

    1. Stop making me feel unspecial all you plebs! 😀

      @Bootae — it’s definitely excessively cutesy, but I’ll give it a spin just to see if it’s as funny as they reckon it is. Humour goes a long way with me and I’d love to see an MMO that exploits it as a major element of gameplay (if indeed it turns out to be a major element of gameplay).

      1. Wotcha Ysharros,
        I didn’t get the release. You’re soooo special, Ysharros!
        (Can I have your autograph? Just make it to; “My special friend Hawley”. Umm, yeah, it’s for the kids…)

  4. As you know I played WoW erm Allods Beta yesterday.

    I cannot help, but nowadays MMOs are so very similar to each other (Quests-Dungeon-Crafting-Trinity and even the cartoony look is quite similar) that I don’t wonder that most fall prey to the big WoW bear.

  5. Rabbit Kung Fu reminds of a game on the … Genesis I think it was? Don’t remember what it was called, but it was animal martial arts. Anywho, I think this is where Sam Houston just left GamerDNA to go to, so we got an in!

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