This was the Calendar year that was

Goodbye 2009, Hell-o 2010.

You’d better a) be better looking b) be nicer c) put out a damn sight more than 2009, or I’m just going to go to sleep and not wake up till 2012 and the end of the world.

Seriously, Scott Jennings was right. 2009 was pretty sucky in many, many ways and not just for the MMO scene.

Now, quite a few people are doing predictions for 2010 (the aforementioned Mr J’s are, as usual, entertaining) and I’ve read most of them with interest, but I’m certainly not going to try my hand at them. For one thing, I’m the Kiss of Death, so whatever I predict will probably end up meaning woe and destruction for the poor predictee. For another, I’m almost always wrong about stuff like that.

My very general prediction is that there will be no WoW-killer (not counting Cataclysm, but that’s deliberate), that people will continue to look for one all the same, and that a few games will do well on a non-WoW-killing standard while many many others end up faceplanting. Star Trek Online will do all right — it’ll explode with interest and then settle down… provided it’s actually a halfway playable game, which I have no idea about since I didn’t shell out for Champions and therefore didn’t get the STO guaranteed beta spot.

Oh oh I know! I predict that in 2010 I will be in less betas than in 2009 and 2008 and 2007 and… you get the picture. Actually, I think I’ve managed to only be in one or 2 betas this year (okay maybe 3; or was it 4?) — which isn’t quite the NONE! I promised myself a few months back, but it’s better than the beta jamboree I indulged in during the middle part of the decade. Too many betas can kill your tolerance for things — in my case for dodgy connections, lag, and inventory issues.

I predict that we will get a damn sight more information about The Secret World in 2010, because it’s the only MMO in development that really really interests me right now. Well, apart from 38 Studios’ so-seekrit Copernicus. And World of Darkness MMO. There’s a crap-ton of hype for games I’m really not that bothered about (other than wanting them to do well), and zip-nada-rien for games I am bothered about. Bah humbug!

Oh, and I predict that Ragnar Tørnquist will personally offer me a beta spot in TSW. Yes, yes I do. Why not?  He’s seen my tweets, you know. That makes us pals. (Just Kiss-of-Deathed myself there.) Alternately, if anyone knows who should be bribed for TSW beta spots, do let me know by private mail.

I predict that I will most likely continue blogging, even though inclination and attention are somewhat lacking here at the moment for various dreaded-Real-Life reasons. Speaking of which, I predict that 2010 will be a difficult year but more manageable than 2009, which in many ways felt like a roller-coaster ride. I’m a control freak, I prefer having my hands on the wheel even if all I’m doing is 360-ing helplessly.

May all your 2010 wishes come true, unless your wishes happen to be of the Ultimate Evil World Domination type. Health, happiness, and enough money to at least pay the most urgent bills and keep a roof over your head.

6 thoughts on “This was the Calendar year that was

  1. I hope you have not given STO the Kiss of Death. 😉 I am quite anxious about STO, as it is one of the few games I am really interested in, besides a huuge and really good Vol. 3 for LOTRO.

    GW2, Diablo 3, SWTOR, etc. etc. – all probably not out before 2011. And Cataclysm is rumored to be a late 2010 game, as is the rumored Torchlight MMO.

    So hum, not sure if 2010 will really be that good for gaming – a lot of the major releases seems not to happen before 2011.

    Regarding beta spots – I could not sign up for any closed beta. Especially not for games named “SECRET …” whatever. I would probably upload 1000 screenshots of the game with comments after day one of the beta and drive the devs to suicide.

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