Dragon Age: more screenies

In the last couple of weeks I’ve fit a little more Dragon Age into my schedule. Yeah, I should probably have been doing NaNoWriMo stuff, but life’s been stressful enough without it, and my limited spare time has been devoted to having some fun instead. If nothing else, I’ve discovered I still can write and that’s really what the whole thing was about, for me; I’m not guilt-tripping about having stopped at my not-quite-10k. I’ll pick it back up when things are a little less crazy.

So what, you all say? Quite right too, so back to Dragon Age. I’m still on the fence about spoilerish stuff, but I have been taking a ton of screenshots — 250+ of my own, not counting the ones the game itself takes — and I figured I could share a few of those. I’ll do what I did last time and keep them small, so if you don’t want to know anything about the game, don’t look and don’t click! (I’ll put a break in the post on WordPress, but I don’t think RSS readers cooperate with those. So scrunch your eyes up and scroll on past if you want to avoid anything remotely spoilerish!)

The spousal unit and I have both been playing it, and we’ve chosen very different paths. We’re both playing honourable upstanding dwarven nobles, but we haven’t followed the story in the same way: he’s been mostly doing what the “logical” progression expects him to do, whereas I’ve branched off in all sorts of other directions. My characters went to Denerim somewhat earlier than they were supposed to, though in fact there’s nothing wrong with doing so and the game doesn’t penalise you for it as some older titles used to. You just can’t access certain areas (like the Denerim Alienage) until the game is good and ready. I’ve also been able to start an area or two, bog off (mostly to sell stuff and just catch my breath) and then come back to them later — I was a little worried that this might be an issue, but it hasn’t been.

We did finally shell out for the Soldier’s Peak (aka Warden’s Keep) downloadable content, and I’ll agree with what quite a few other bloggers have said: it’s not bad, but it should have been included in the basic release. Getting people to shell out $7 or more for that is really rather cheeky, especially considering that all you end up with is an open space and a couple of merchants — oh, and a chest, but you could just download one for the normal camp for free instead. The area is fun and the story is good, but worth seven bucks? Nope. Not impressed with EA as far as that goes. We’re already shelling out for the game and we know we’ll shell out for DLC in the future — there’s no need to bleed us for every damn map, especially not when it includes facilities (the chest, a couple of decent merchants) that should be in the basic content to begin with.

Anyway, here are the pix, in roughly chronological order. I’ve got 1920×1200 versions if anyone is really dead keen. Enjoy.


Some people have complained about the excessive cinematics, but I’ve found them very enjoyable. They actually *gasp* tell a story, and most of them are extremely evocative; hell, a few of them are even moving. So yeah, if all you want to do is slay stuff, pick its pockets and then go slay some more stuff, ya might want to check out Diablo or whatever. Less story, more slayage.

Ostagar, view of the horde from above
Ostagar, the battle
Lothering -- Morrigan and Alistair bickering, as usual
Finding Shale
Demon nipples!
The Battle for Redcliffe Village
(Soldier's Peak) Quoth Alistair "She's really let herself go"
Get away from her, you bitch! -- Oh wait, wrong movie
Cultists cultists everywhere and not a drop to drink
Creepy ruined temple high in the mountains
Why yes, we did kill all your culty villager buddies. Sorry!
Another ruined temple, deep in the forest this time
This was not the quick side-trek I thought it would be...
...but it did lead to some pretty moving plot stuff.
Back in the mountains. Uh-oh.
WHAT?!? is your quest? (Excellent quest, as it turned out.)
The best assassin is one who does not know-- err, is a successful one. This guy wasn't.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Age: more screenies

    1. Aye, I took it off when I decided I was officially very unlikely to do any more NaNoWriMo this month.

      I achieved what I wanted to when I decided to take part, which was to put pen to paper for a work of fiction — I hadn’t been able to do that for over 10 years. I realise that will sound odd, but there it is.

      NaNo made me make a public commitment in the company of many friends, and that apparently was enough to break the block.

      I’m happy with that result. Aside from anything else we’re trying to move house before the end of the year, hoping my dad’s health holds (and improves), and many other head-space taking RL things. NaNo on top of everything else was just too much.

      All the same, for me NaNo 2009 is a victory and not a defeat. That’s also the end of what I’m going to say about it, because it’s going to start sounding like I’m justifying myself, which I most certainly am not doing.

      1. I know the feeling. I’m moving too, and on top of that, I’m leaving my job. Doesn’t leave me with much time to write. I currently wrote as much as you did, which is more than I did last year. A small victory there. How to clock some more in this last week.
        Hope to see you in 2010, then πŸ™‚

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