Dragon Age: more screenies

In the last couple of weeks I’ve fit a little more Dragon Age into my schedule. Yeah, I should probably have been doing NaNoWriMo stuff, but life’s been stressful enough without it, and my limited spare time has been devoted to having some fun instead. If nothing else, I’ve discovered I still can write and that’s really what the whole thing was about, for me; I’m not guilt-tripping about having stopped at my not-quite-10k. I’ll pick it back up when things are a little less crazy.

So what, you all say? Quite right too, so back to Dragon Age. I’m still on the fence about spoilerish stuff, but I have been taking a ton of screenshots — 250+ of my own, not counting the ones the game itself takes — and I figured I could share a few of those. I’ll do what I did last time and keep them small, so if you don’t want to know anything about the game, don’t look and don’t click! (I’ll put a break in the post on WordPress, but I don’t think RSS readers cooperate with those. So scrunch your eyes up and scroll on past if you want to avoid anything remotely spoilerish!)

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