Setting the record straight

I feel the need to say this again.

It’s my damn blog and I’ll say whatever I please here, whenever I please, and however I damn well please.

There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with me, but telling me I shouldn’t post what I did is none of anyone’s damned business. I’ve had a hard bloody few days and I’m about sick of taking it in the face with a smile and a “thank you Sir may I have another.” Things were said that were intentionally nasty and now I’m hurt. I’m also pissed. And I’ll keep posting exactly what I like. For the next few days, however, I may not post at all. There are few things more souring to one’s blog inspiration than to be snarked at.

For the record, I feel strongly about giving back when one has a roof over one’s head, enough food to eat, and one isn’t getting raped or beaten up by strangers. I still don’t regret asking others to think about this too.

Remove me from your RSS feeds if you don’t like it. Kthxbai.