Dragon Age bonus items: warning, Will Robinson

sadpandaThis is a pretty specific thing, so it’s difficult to give warning without spoilers, but here goes. If you’re playing a noble dwarf and you’ve got any kind of bonus items (like the Memory Band, those Skill/Attribute tomes, and other stuff), you might want to either use them for the one-shot items or not get too attached to them for the rest.

The spousal unit just realised he’d missed out on using his. How he realised is because I opened my big mouth, so I’m currently writing this from under the desk as he throws things and howls with rage. Well, maybe not quite howling.

It’s only a game after all, but it’s irritating to be 12 hours into the campaign and realise you didn’t use items when you could have and now you don’t have them at all anymore. Come to think of it, those wearable items would be gone regardless, meaning that anyone who plays the Dwarf noble caste Origin story is going to get similarly screwed.

While this is probably relatively minor in the context of the game/progression as a whole, that would still irritate me and it’s a bit of a glaring oversight.

EDIT — as Winged Nazgul pointed out below, this workaround will return the downloadable items to your inventory. I didn’t get the Memory Band back, but I can’t recall what gave that in the first place and besides all it does is give a 1% XP bonus; while that probably adds up to a fair amount over the course of the whole game, it’s not a big deal to me not to have it. Five or ten percent and I might be singing a different tune. Anyway, thanks againWN!


  • Save the game
  • Quit to menu
  • Desactivate dragon armor dlc (and any other item-giving content)
  • load the game and FORCE LOAD
  • Save in another slot (just in case)
  • reactivate DLC items previously turned off
  • Load the new save
  • You should have the armor in your inventory.