The Secret World: snippet

tsw_concept_reaperA rather belated snippet (from end-September), and not a particularly optimistic one at that. Then again we live in interesting economic times, and I like to have something to post about TSW from time to time, even if it’s info-less, screenie-less, betakey-less fluff.

Per VG247:

“Age of Conan dev Funcom is to drop 20 percent of its workforce, according to E24, resulting in a “significant delay” to upcoming MMO The Secret World.

The game had never been officially dated, but was expected in 2010.

The company employs around 300 staff, so 60 jobs look set to go.

Funcom’s currently in the process of relocating to Quebec and it’s debatable legal games-related tax breaks*. It lost $34 million last year.”

Course, TSW could have lost 20% evil marketing staff, which probably wouldn’t be much of a loss at all. (That’s evil marketers, not marketers of evil, for you hair-splitters at the back.)

According to The Secret World’s wikipedia entry the game was expected to ship in 2010 — which could mean anything, and which would have been anyone’s reasonable guess considering the inf0-releases and how long it’s actually been in production.

Still not holding my breath. But can I have my beta spot now, Ragnar?

*Note — I gather this move is now complete.

3 thoughts on “The Secret World: snippet

  1. The more I think about the game, the more I want to play it.

    Hrrm, maybe I should do a quick blog post about it to keep some of the momentum up.

    1. This is the problem… there’s not much momentum to keep up with. We’re in that doldrums phase between The Big Announce (TM) and the We Can See The Finish Line! announce. 😐

      I’m going to spend most of my time plotting to see how I can beg, borrow or steal a beta spot.

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