They grow up so fast…


It’s been ten years this month that Asheron’s Call came out, and not quite ten years that I experienced my first MMO. And while most people might be going “AC? What’s that? It’s not UO, and it’s not EQ… never heard of it!” for me there are some very strong associations that persist to this day.

For one thing, I met my husband there. Well, he wasn’t at the time, but he is now. So AC is effectively to blame for me coming to the US. That whole thing is a little bittersweet in parts (I miss my friends back there dreadfully), but I guess life is about moving forward. I don’t regret coming here; I do wish someone would hurry the hell up and invent a teleporter and the Instant Money For Free Tree so I can have my mates over to visit, or go visit them, whenever I like.

Aside from the spousal unit, I also met a core of people with whom I’m still e-friends to this day. I’ve only met a few of them “for real”, but after 5-10 years hanging out with folks, it’s pretty hard not to get to know them. Actually, AC is therefore effectively to blame for my wanting to move to Albuquerque — a handful of those friends live there, and after one visit there last month I was sold. As an alternative to the Dallas/Fort Worth area it probably didn’t have to work that hard anyway.

And, of course, it started me on the MMO road. So I guess we can probably blame AC for my blogging, too. So if you want somewhere to send “You idiot! Look what you made her do!” mails, send em to Turbine. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

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    1. Long story or short? Long version: born in France (EDIT – dad is French, mom is German, have family in both places), raised in Switzerland (with stays in Belgium, France, Senegal), university (20s & early 30s) in the UK, and now I’m in the US. Sooner or later I’ll have to visit Australia and Asia to make sure I’ve covered all the continents. Does Antarctica still count? 😀

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