Le Singe est dans l’Arbre

singearbreSqueaking this foofery post in under the monthly deadline!

It’s the usual: if you’ve got a link to me on your site, you’re a star. If I’m not reciprocating, it’s not because I’m a spiky byotch but most likely because I didn’t notice. Let me know in the comments here and it shall be remedied.

If you’re on my blogroll and I’m not on yours, chances are you’ll be purged after a few months unless you’re really really interesting or funny or famous or something. Why yes, in this case I am being a spiky byotch and there’s no excuse! Obliviousness only works for me!

Seriously though, one of these days I’ll find a way to make that ridiculously long blogroll a little easier to navigate. Damned if I’ve figured out how in 6 months of thinking about it though — at least, I haven’t come up with a method that requires a lot more maintenance from me than I’m willing to put in.

2 thoughts on “Le Singe est dans l’Arbre

    1. LOL erm… yay? If I’m the only one singled out I’m going to feel seriously weirded-out. Guess I should catch up on my RSS feeds and actually read that NWN module stuff you posted!

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