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I don’t take nearly as many screenshots in games as I’d like to — just like in real life, I rarely remember that I have a camera available to document the great, funny or aesthetic moments. Just like in real life, I’m usually too busy experiencing said moments to actually take a picture. Still, I do hit that PrtScn button now and then, and now and then I have to clear out my screenie folders, which means I actually look at the screenshots I took. Some of them are fun, so I’m going to share them.

Many of them are in 1920×1200 if you click through.

The first two are from this year’s Halloween — or Night of the Dead — event, in the basement of the Haunted Mansion. It’s my first time doing this event and it was creepy fun.

That silhouette looks strangely like me...
That silhouette looks strangely like me...
Jeez, I'm crabby when I'm waking up
Jeez I'm crabby when I'm waking up

Some random landscape shots…

Jungly goodness in the Feerott
Jungly goodness in the Feerott
Dragon skelly goodness in Lavastorm
Dragon skelly goodness in Lavastorm
Looking up in the Naiad cave (Moonlight event)
Looking up in the Naiad cave (Moonlight event)
Entrance to Neriak. Fangs for visiting!
Entrance to Neriak. Fangs for visiting!
Dawn over Maj'dul... plus gnomish contraptions
Dawn over Maj'dul... plus gnomish contraptions

Hopefully when I get around to doing the Night of the Dead Maze instance, I’ll remember to take some pix. In the meantime, this should counterbalance yesterday’s 13 pounds of pure verbiage.

* * *

EDIT — I almost didn’t add this one, since it will only strengthen EQ2’s image as the Land of Brown, but it’s still fun. The hanging scarecrow pose is the equivalent of sitting when you’re not in a silly costume.

Hangin' with my crafting homies
Hangin' with my crafting homies

15 thoughts on “EQ2 — Screenshottery

  1. Oh cut it OUT already! I do not have enough time to come play EQ2 too! No matter HOW fun you make it look.. and sound.. and OOH the entrance to Neriak is amazing!!! *twitch*

    (cool screenies! πŸ™‚ )

      1. The problem I have with the trial is that it doesn’t really give you any time to actually get to know the game, because there are so many different things to be and do these days in EQ2.

        My advice for those who are seriously considering EQ2 would be to pick up a proper cheap copy somewhere (doesn’t have to include the latest Shadow Odyssey expansion) and get at least the usual month of free play.

        But I may be biased. πŸ˜‰

        EDIT — that said, some of the cheapest offers are, I think, based on upgrading from the trial. I haven’t really looked into it lately.

  2. Dusty, you should see the interior of Neriak…….

    The Forge

    Looking out from the Palace Roof

    Just some poor examples. I really like it at “night” in the underground cave. More ghost lights appear, the torches get bigger and brighter, yet overall it’s “dark” (though you can still see fine). Really nice effect!

    1. My only artistic beef with Neriak, such as it is, is that the blues are too turquoise for me — I imagined them a lot more lapis lazuli. For an MMO though, that might make the whole cave setting too black/dark blue, so a paler blue probably provides better contrast.

      (Still, I think it makes the housing look horrid. :P)

  3. The “land of brown” thing is a bit ironic, in that you really don’t see that much earth tone abuse once you get beyond the Shattered Lands. Ah, the perils of snap judgments.

  4. I recently decided to upload my excessive amount of screenshots to Picasa instead of Photobucket or Imageshack. The albums are easier to navigate and people don’t want to click all pics most of the time anyways.

    I hope and want to encourage you to post more late game EQ2 screenshots. I am addicted to MMO landscape screenshots! πŸ™‚

  5. EQ2 is quite possibly the best MMORPG out right now. I just need to get back to it, and I will.

  6. What server do you play on? I picked up EQ2 about a year ago and played for a couple months, but ended up quitting because I didn’t really know anybody else playing.

    I’ve been itching to start up again, but the whole “not having anybody to play with” thing keeps holding me back. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (since you were mostly covering WAR), and the gaming style you describe (mostly solo, don’t care about the “end-game”, etc.) is totally up my alley. I would love to get in with a group of like-minded players to enjoy EQ2 with, since I really like the game, I just don’t like it all by myself. Not necessary for grouping reasons, but just to have someone to talk to.

    Anyway, now that I sound like a crazy Internet stalker (which I’m not, by the way), I’ll shut up.

    1. If I minded crazy internet stalkers I wouldn’t be blogging. πŸ˜‰

      I play on Lucan d’Lere in a guild of like minded adult slackers who play when we can and other more important stuff allows. We’re a pretty small guild and you don’t always see other folks online (especially if you play pretty early in the day, as I tend to) but there’s usually enough company to keep from feeling completely alone.

      Alternately, there are several other bloggers who play on different servers — Stargrace is one of them and I’m sure she can tell you more about AB-server, where she plays. (http://mmoquests.com/)

      1. Thanks for the tip on the other bloggers – I’ll have to check the link when I get home (blocked at work).

        In my previous stint in the game, I think I got a Mystic to 42ish on AB, so staying on that server would mean I wouldn’t have to start a new character. But I’m not opposed to starting over either; I think the Mystic wasn’t a great choice for soloing, and that is what I mostly like to do in MMO’s.

        Does your guild accept just random people looking for a home, or do you guys prefer to play with people a bit before all that?

      2. Since you came here asking you’re not really random in any case. πŸ˜€ We don’t generally just take in people off the streets, but as far as I know we also don’t really get asked by random people off the streets; I’m not responsible for recruiting so I don’t really know how things are done.

        Besides, we’re all older and wiser now. I’m pretty sure people are given a chance to look each other over and if it’s not a good fit then people move on with no real hard feelings. Like I said, this is a guild of slacking and crafting altoholics, so we’re not exactly hardcore.

        The main rule with slacker guilds, as I’ve found over the years, is “put in more than you take out.” Doesn’t matter exactly HOW someone contributes, it just matters that they should.

      3. Well, I ended up resubbing, got all patched, and played a bit tonight.

        If I was interested in talking to someone about joining your guild, who would that be?

      4. On Lucan, you’d need to keep an eye out for Riannon, and I’ll give her a heads up. We’re not on AB, so you may have to go stalk Stargrace on her blog. (Link above :D)

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