EQ2 – 560 levels of leet

So, despite being burdened by parental visitation, I did manage to get my last character on Account 1 to 80 crafting the other day — 80 is currently max level in EQ2, though that’s only going to last till next Spring or whenever the next expansion comes out.

Before anyone accuses me of achieverism, I should point out that all the characters on that account were created in 2005, and were in fact somewhere around level 30-50 crafting when we stopped playing in 2006 (a couple were even higher). So 7 level 80 characters in 4 years is probably about right for my slackerish ass.

It was sort of a milestone, but I never felt compelled to get there other than to be able to make all the recipes I could get access to — or rather all the recipes I could get access to without a long-ass, chew-your-own-arm-off faction grind. I’ll eventually get most of them their epic thingy and their Master Crafter status, more to be useful to various friends and guilds than for the achievement itself.

And if you’re asking what next — well, there are 9 crafter classes in EQ2 (not counting the red-headed tinkering and transmuting step-children), and I’ve only got 7 chars on the old account, so I’m slowly working on the last two on the second account.

What keeps sort of boggling my mind is how I’ll get asked “But how can you bear to do that? It’s CRAFTING!? Clearly you don’t mind ultimate tedium and relentless grinding!” — By the same people who will stop at nothing to get all their adventuring characters maxed. Where, exactly, is the difference?

Sad fact is, if you get it you get it. If you don’t, then no amount of explaining on my part will convince you that the way I play is fun for me. And I’d better stop before this turns into another playstyle rant.


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  1. Grats! If only you could set up your own shops in a market district of town … *rubs chin* Would liven up towns what with everyone hanging out in guild-halls now.

    Can you imagine? Pay a little fee for (or have a woodworker create) a shop that’s your very own in a little spot (would require a certain achievement or quest to be able to do to cut down on the amount of shops) in a market area of town to hock your wares!

  2. Bestest Ysh, just wanted to say; I love your style and all of this blog <3

    You are an inspiration, a source of knowledge, and a laugh.

    Re: playstyle, I think one should play games the way they make you happy, its your game for your fun.

  3. Grats!

    Looking at the picture reminds me what a great dinging visual and sound effect EQ2 has. You want to ding just to hear that noise and see the swirls.

  4. Grats!!! I only have 4 level 80 crafters… And my friends tell me that I have too many crafters! πŸ™‚

  5. I have a couple of friends with 9 level 80 crafters, and I love them to death! They’re fun to play with, and the fact that they’re crafters (and a 400 tinker and a 400 transmuter too) makes no difference to anyone I know — if anything we appreciate them more since they can make stuff for us quickly. . . .

  6. I’m a terrible MMO player, lol. I only maxed out one WoW character from 2005-2007 and my highest level in LOTRO is 41 – and I created him on launch day. Egad!

      1. It is with great humility I accept this title and the (lack of) responsibilities that come with it.

        My first act as leader will be the establishment of … uh, something. I’ll get back to you after my nap.

  7. Grats on 80! and please share whatever you were smoking to level up tradeskilling πŸ™‚ haha <3 joooooo but h8 tradeskilling. I got the cleric to 80 in carp and 400 in tinkering that was enough for me. I May take it up in Aion tho, we shall see. /hugs

    1. Crafting really is a grab-you-or-not kind of thing in MMOs these days. Personally, I can’t stand the “click and do something else” method you get in WoW and LOTRO, but some people love it.

      What I like about crafting in games these days is that you don’t *have* to do it. Provided you’re even marginally sociable, you can usually find buds to make you stuff — or you can just do it the old fashioned way and buy it off the broker. Especially in EQ2 where money isn’t so hard to come by anymore.

      I just start ranting when people who don’t *want* to craft treat crafters like combine-monkeys who shouldn’t be paid for their time or effort. Fortunately, none of those are stupid enough to stop by this blog. πŸ˜€

  8. In level 23 now. 7 more to beat a whole lot of friends… πŸ™‚
    How long more to go? πŸ™

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